Wedding Weekend Recap, Leg Day, & Recent #BeTrueToYou Eats!

July 29, 2013 -
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Hi all! Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. It was a wedding weekend over here. Surprisingly we had some energy this morning after dancing all night Saturday Winking smile So myself, Corey, & his buddy Zeke that was in town for the wedding all hit LEGS this morning! So fun to get a good workout in with the boys.


I really liked this quote as well – I thought it was great for a Monday! Sometimes it’s just the simple reminders that every day is brand new day & it takes simple steps like drinking water, fueling your body, getting a good workout in, feeling happy, & enjoying everyone around you.


For those who were following along on Instagram – I was at a wedding this weekend! Corey’s brother got married & it was so much fun to spend the weekend with family & friends.


A little couple #selfie the night of the rehearsal dinner.


The day of the wedding all dolled up!

Myself & the best man, who just so happens to be my boyfriend .


Michelle (Corey’s sister-in-law), myself, &
Lisa (Corey’s nephew, Matt’s, girlfriend)


Corey’s nephew Matt, best friend Zeke, & Corey.


#bromance Winking smile


They clean up well Winking smile


Corey’s brother’s, Dad, Sister, & Mother!


The gorgeous bride and her hot pink sequin high heels
were a great surprise under her beautiful dress.


Both brother’s gave great speeches.



The dinner was delicious!

I haven’t had chicken in a while due to some time of over-doing it with meat (like you may have read about here)
but I really enjoyed this meal along with some delicious veggies & mashed potatoes!


My little beverage station all set up, ha!
Champagne toast, water with lemon, & some pinot noir! My favorite red wine.


The adorable couple cutting the coolest looking cake.


dancing the night away – how awesome!

And we joined right in & I don’t think I left the dance floor other than to go grab
some delicious caramel corn they had stationed all around that was addicting!

It was so nice to spend the whole weekend with the family & see so much love between everyone.

Wedding’s always make me smile Winking smile

Congrats to Wilson & Jessica!! Red heart


The next day we spent some more time with the family
then came back for a #POWERBOWL (powerplate) dinner.


*spinach & kale all mixed up with a dressing of evoo,
dijon, vinegar, stevia, & seasonings
then topped with zucchini, onion, sweet potatoes
(prepped & stored in the fridge already),
snow peas, olives, hemp seeds, & hummus.

Love me some veggies, carbs, protein, & healthy fats! Winking smile


Dessert was EPIC.

Jumped on the Quest Bar train finally & tried out a Cinnamon Roll Quest Bar
that I ordered from
(discount for first time users – XUG228)

I saw so many creative recipes from people using the bars
so I wanted to try one out & see what I could come up with.

I was really craving sweet potatoes so I had the other
half of the huge one I already prepped topped with natural peanut butter,
Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares, & a baked quest bar! Winking smile

Just take one bar, put onto a greased pan or parchment paper,
bake at 350 for about 5-7minutes until golden brown.

It was yummy & Corey liked them too!

– the bar is made with whey protein so I figured I’d try it out
& see how my stomach reacted and so far so good.

Remember, find what works for YOU.
I always joke that I am a constant experiment but some foods agree with me and some just don’t.

I once had a protein bar made with soy protein & I had a bad allergic reaction
but I can also eat edamame & have no reaction.

So if I choose to try something out, that’s up to me. Be true to you!


Fashion Side Note:

Thank you to everyone who was so kind with their comments on my dress!
I got it from Target on the sale rack, woo!


A tip for jewelry that I learned from my friend Sarah –

layering your necklaces.

I found the blue one first and then wanted to add some more bulk to it so I bought a chain with the same gold color. Then I just clipped them together to create one big necklace. So easy!

I hope you had a good weekend & a great start to a new week!


Red heart Kasey