Women In Business Wednesday!

January 29, 2014 -
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Hey all! Happy Wednesday! Today I’m at a Grand Opening event for a local Juice & Yoga Studio called Embody Natural Health! I’ll have a table set up with Powercakes for sale & then I’m doing a Chia Jam demo!

It’s so great to see other Women in business really going after their dreams. I love Embody & the owner behind it, Amy!

We all got to hangout at our last event together:

Some awesome ladies from The Dailey Method, Embody & Pittsburgh Kettlebells.

Don’t forget to get involved for the #POWERPLATESCHALLENGE this month! All of the details are on this post [here] where not only will you be getting your sweat on but you also have a chance to win a head to toe look from Under Amour Women!

While I’m gone mingeling with some Powerful ladies, I’ve got a group of Women to introduce you to today! I love helping others spread the word about their website, blogs, business, & proucts! I think helping each other through our blogs is a great way to spread the positiveness that we all have.

The 4 Ladies below are all currently running programs that YOU can join in and not only better your insides but also your mind. These women & I share a passion for being true to ourselves and living a powerfully balanced lifestyle!


The first Business Woman is a fellow FitFluential Ambassador named Laura!

Laura Yamin – Lifestyle & Business Strategist. I work with woman who are ready to drop the status quo and are ready to start living a full life. With a mix of brainstorm, strategy and action taking, my clients are busting through their I can’t’s and start creating more money, time and happiness in their life.

Thrive! 4-Week Adventure. If you are ready to let go of the “I can’t afford it” and feeling stuck in the status quo of barely living then you are in luck! In this 4-week adventure, we mix fun, adventure and bust out those old sabotage patters once a for all so you can start thriving. Program investment $149. Payment plans are available. Next Adventure starts on February 10-March 7, 2014 
Ready for a taste of Thrive! Adventure, join us for a mini-3 day adventure. Claim your FREE spot today here.
You can find Laura on Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest!
Woman in Business number 2 – 
Fellow VEGA lover, miss Amanda!
The day my healthy living journey flipped from fighting the scale to loving life was when I changed my focus. I stopped thinking about all the foods I “shouldn’t” eat and challenged myself to eat 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. By focusing on “progress, not perfection,” it became about creating just one habit at a time to build a healthier lifestyle.  8 years and 7 marathons later, I’ve maintained a 35lb weight loss, transformed my relationship to food and had a whole lot more fun. It doesn’t hurt that I love to run…but I also love a daily piece of dark chocolate and my mom’s Christmas cookies.

I don’t do diets and I don’t do cheat days and I don’t do off limits. I believe in finding what works for you! Collecting knowledge from many interviews over the years, my experiences and those of my group challenge participants the Clean and Lean Project was developed to help make clean eating an easy habit for anyone.

The Clean and Lean Project is over 30 days of emails that cover changing thoughts around food, breaking sugar addiction, and plenty of food ideas. Get all the details here >> http://www.cleanandleanproject.com and enter code POWERCAKES13 to get $10 off!

You can find Amanda on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & Facebook.


Women in Business Number 3 – two of my favorite FitFluential Twins, miss Lori & Michelle!


We are Lori and Michelle founders of Purely Fit Life Club, a fitness and wellness daily online program created to fit the lifestyle of busy professionals, moms, students, and everyone in between. We own and run Purelytwins.com, a trusted source for all things health, fitness, recipes, and happiness. Every article is real, relatable, fun and inspiring. We motivate others to become purely you. Purely Twins mission is to help others find what works for them. Find their happy balance!

Inside the Purely Fit Life club you will find a mix of cardio, strength training, core work, flexibility, and balance in one quick energetic workouts. Innovative training with a focus on transforming the body and the mind.
You can join at any time. Open to ALL fitness levels. Purely Fit Life is crafted to build amazing bodies (and minds!) in limited time using basic equipment or no equipment at all.

We also share health and diet tips! Healthy recipes and more.

What to work out with us daily? Click here to find out more about our online workout program.

You can find Lori & Michelle on:
FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, & YouTube
Love seeing these ladies help so many people! If you get a chance, check out their programs for sure!
Don’t forget that tomorrow I will announce all of the Giveway Winners!
 Be true to you,
xo Kasey
Do you know a Woman in business or are you one yourself? I’d love to hear about what you do!


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  1. tina says:

    I own my own training/coaching company and run it on my downtime from teaching high school students! I love motivating people and their success drive me to achieve my own personal goals. Coming from a background where I struggle with an eating disorder I can really relate to many women that come to me for help and this often results in way more friends than clients

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