Thrive Forward: Intro to The Guiding Principles of Sport Nutrition

April 3, 2013 -
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Hey all! Happy Wednesday! Red heart

I wanted to bring to your attention that THRIVE FORWARD is launching a Sports Edition!


I personally get a ton of questions about how to properly FUEL our bodies while training & eating plant based.

Brendan Brazier & VEGA do an amazing job of explaining all of your questions while teaching you how to THRIVE on a plant based diet – especially while working out! Questions such as, Where will I get my protein?” & “Will I be taking in enough calories?” will be answered along with tons of recipes & tips along the way.


The Sport Editions brings Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Forward 4 new chapters.

11 new video lessons featuring leaders in athletic sport such as: Tony Horton from P90X & Rainen from the Jabbawockeez!


For Lesson One: Brendan will teach these highlights to learn how to be a better athlete.

A. Clean Sport Nutrition 101

  • Intro to The Guiding Principles of Sport Nutrition
  • Importance of Recovery
  • Protein for Athletes
  • Smart vs. Hard Training
  • Get Your Head in the Game: The Mental Component of Training
Thrive Forward Sport Edition Lesson 1

You can Subscribe to this [HERE] & I promise you won’t regret it.

Here is a great Thrive Forward Electrolyte Drink recipe;


I will definitely be making this one now that the weather is getting nicer.

I have learned so much from Thrive Forward & I continue to share it with others!

In all honesty, I have found that while eating plant based, my recovery time is SO much shorter! I’m not even just saying this. I’ve been known to push myself to the limits in workouts, especially my CrossFit WODS, & during a workout I can feel my energy thriving but the most important is that right when I’m done and take a few seconds to catch my breath – I honestly feel recovered and back to normal! I was just telling a fellow crossfitter this the other night & she also eats plant based. She totally agreed and said that she doesn’t feel sluggish or exhausted after a workout, even though we are working to our full potential! Pretty cool stuff Winking smile love me some #plantPOWER!

Now, I’m not saying you have to eat 100% plant based, but this program will help teach you how you can incorporate more plant based foods into your diet – especially while being so active!


Feel free to search their twitter accounts @VegaTeam & @Brendan_Brazier while using the hashtag #ThriveFWD for some added information!

Have you checked out the Thrive Forward program?

What is one of your favorite ways to fuel up before or a workout or refuel after a workout?


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