Saturday Sports Edition: Thrive Forward Recovery

May 11, 2013 -
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Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Today I wanted to share with you some more information from one of my favorite programs

{Thrive Forward}


I’ve blogged about this program before [here] & [here] where I spoke about the new Sports Edition component to the Thrive movement! I am loving all of this information especially geared towards sports training,  endurance, plant based proteins, & recovery. Recovery is a topic that I often research because there really is so much information out there.

What I like to do is act like a sponge and absorb all of this information & then use it in my own life to see what works best for me! Hence the #BeTrueToYou, because everyone’s bodies are different but it’s so important to educate ourselves to see what may work best for us! There is so much to learn & this program really does a great job in narrowing down popular topics & questions you may have.  You can join in the Thrive Website [here] & start learning!

Today I wanted to pass along some information from the article:

The 6 Key Elements of Recovery [read whole article here].


This question is very important when it comes to proper fueling. A lot of people can workout hard every day but if their nutrition is off, they will not see the gains in strength or changes in their performance they are looking for. I always stress to my clients that nutrition (especially before/after a workout) is so key to reaching your goals. You have to think of your body like a working machine; if you give it proper nutrients it will perform better rather than just giving it empty calories that will fade off and not withstand your workouts or efforts.

    • Thrive Forward states that “When you work out for longer than one hour, your body starts to deplete the levels of glucose in your blood, and must turned to glycogen – carbohydrates stored in your liver and muscle tissue – to fuel your activity level. If you would like to work out as hard the next day, you must replenish this glycogen.”
    • Glycogen is a form of glucose (energy) produced and stored by liver and muscle tissue.


If you think about it, when you take away the glycogen, you’ve got to add it back in so that your muscles can be prepared for the next day.

What would be the best thing to eat post workout?

  • Thrive Forward states that the most effective way for your body to replenish glycogen is by consuming a 3 to 4:1 ratio of easily digestible carbohydrates to protein, immediately after the workout.


One of my favorites is a sweet potato with some cinnamon & protein powder frosting [1 scoop of VEGA protein mixed with some water until thick].


Along with proper recovery, electrolytes are also an important element to keep in mind.


From what I learned, it’s key to find balance of electrolytes out vs. electrolytes.


You can read the full article [here]

Here is a great idea for an Electrolyte Drink from VEGA using coconut water!


Or some other considerations depending on your activity level & what ingredients you prefer!


I’ve said before that I really have seen a huge difference in my recovery ever since eating mostly plant based. My energy is way up without a need to nap, even though I love my naps, like I used to. I also find that once I’m done with a hard workout it only takes a few seconds to catch my breath and I honestly feel like I could do more. I also find that I’m not as tired or exhausted. It really does make a difference in our performances if you fuel your system right! So be true to you and fuel with nice clean foods that are going to not only help your insides but definitely have a positive impact on your performance in whatever activity you choose to do!

So tell me, what is your favorite recovery meal/snack?

I’d love to hear some ideas & share them with others!


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