The Vintage Button Photography Winner & Brunch lovin’ in NYC!

November 15, 2013 -
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Hey all! Happy Friday – today is one of these days…


ha, I couldn’t help but share this! It’s one of those days where I have a bunch on my to-do list so this totally rings true. I am currently posted up a local coffee shop, chill music playing in the background, iced coffee in my reach, & to-do list ready to be ROCKED. I ‘ve got so much to share with you guys but I have learned to take one day at a time Winking smile regardless of how true the above e-card is.

So, let’s start off with the winner of The Vintage Button Giveaway that will win a Photo-shoot with my girl Abby! I plugged the 28 entries into a handy dandy generator & the lucky number was #25!



CONGRATS to Katie Niebel!!


Congrats love! You will have so much fun with Abby! Can you please e-mail me Thank you! And thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and gave The Vintage Button Photography some love! If you book any shoot with Abby and mention Powercakes, you’ll get $25 off your session! Red heart


Let’s reverse time for a bit, shall we? And go back to Sunday! At that point my mom & I had slept in a bit and enjoyed our last morning in NYC. Have you ever tried searching for restaurants in NY? Holyyyy moly, talk about being overwhelmed! And that’s even coming from a true foodie herself Winking smile It’s a great problem to have though because there is truly just SO many options to choose from! I probably spent about a good 45 minutes searching for places because I couldn’t make up my mind! We ended up deciding on two options & are so happy with our final decision!


We ended up walking to Le Pain Quotidien & instantly loved the warm cozy fall feel…they even had squash & pumpkins for decorations which we all know I definitely loved.


We loved the home feeling with the big table right up the center while also having a nice open environment.


Started off by ordering a coffee latté with steamed almond milk & cinnamon – perfect way to warm up!


Mom got a hot tea & a seasonal frittata with their organic bread & greens.


I got the 6 veggie layered buckwheat crust quiche with berries and greens. If you are around the area you’ve GOT to try this one out! It hit the spot like no other. We loved the environment so much that we ordered another drink & hung out for a while…after all, it was a lazy Sunday.

After our bellies & bladders were full, we headed out to the South Street Seaport right by where we were staying.


It must be the suburb girl in me but I am always amazed by the construction going on in NYC! I couldn’t help but think that the beams looked like art.


We were excited to see the water and to see how the area is picking back up again since it was hit by hurricane Sandy.






I think it’s pretty neat to see the boats right next to the buildings in the city.


There happened to be a photo-shoot going on right by the boats so we hung out & watched for a bit. Pretty cool to see some behind the scenes!


Then we had our own photo-shoot thanks to a super nice lady we met!


Before you knew it I was in airport clothes (aka comfy clothes) such as Storm Running shoes, Downtown leggings, Barrow Vest, & flow long sleeve shirt…which I honestly wear out to dinner & such with a cute scarf – it’s my go to! PS. gotta love an airport bathroom selfie right? Until someone walks in on you…always a good time! Winking smile #merp #OWNIT


Found a great place in the NY airport that had some awesome salad choices so I went with a greak salad with some leftovers from Hu’s the day before!


Funny side note story…the guy next to us on the plane looked over and asked us “Are you two on the Amazing Race?” hahaha I guess that’s what you get when you’re in similar outfits with backpacks that can be seen for miles Winking smile

The flight wasn’t too long but by the time we landed….I was starving. I have to give a special shout out to Papacakes because I called him (in my sweet little girl voice) and said, “can I please place an order for dinner from the kitchen of papacakes?” We came home to a freshly made veggie frittata waiting for us.


I promise I don’t always get the royal treatment but at that point I was so not feelin’ the cooking so Papacakes saved the day!

It’s always fun to recap these days & really reflect on everything that happened. Between the Under Armour event, the friends, the family, & last but not least – the eating! I can truly say that I am so thankful for everything. With each day comes new adventure and opportunity so it’s up to us to continue to move forward & follow our goals and dreams!

You all rock & the support is always appreciated.

be true to you,

Red heart Kasey