Thanksgiving Day Recap! [2014] & Maple Balsamic Brussels!

December 2, 2014 -
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Hey all! Hope you’re having a good start to your week. I was chatting with one of my bootcamp ladies today before class about how long ago it feels like Thanksgiving was? Anyone else feel me on that one? Maybe it’s because we had a pretty packed weekend but it truly feels like the middle of December all of the sudden. Anywhooo – did you have a good Thanksgiving?


I just realized I didn’t even post my thanksgiving meal on Instagram! ;] May need to schedule a “throwback thursday” for that one since I feel like time is flying anyway! This year I was in charge of brussels & a “secret” dessert. Ya see, each year I bring something with a “hidden” ingredient in it and this year I had some help from an awesome new company!


I whipped up some Maple Balsamic Brussels – which were SUPER simple! I used NOW Foods Red Palm Oil (which I’ve posted about here before!), 2 lbs of brussels, & 1 white onion.


  • Wash, de-stem, & cut all of your brussels in half.
  • Add 2 TB Red Palm Oil (or oil of choice) to your medium heat pan.
  • Wash & chop your onion, then add it to the pan with oil.
  • Add 1 TB minced garlic to the onion & let it caramelize by cooking it for about 10 minutes until translucent.
  • Next, add in your chopped brussels & stir.
  • Add about 2-3 TB Pure Maple Syrup, 3 TB Balsamic Vinegar, & salt & pepper to taste.
  • Combine all ingredients and then let cook for about 20 minutes or until browned nicely.

I also made some cookies thanks to my friends at Paleoful who sent me their new line of cookie mixes! With “Days Of Giveaways” coming up this month on the blog – don’t fear – you’ll get a chance to win your own cookie mixes as well! ;]


I used their Chocolate Chip Mix made from SUNFLOWER SEED flour! That was the hidden ingredient for this years challenge ;] These Paleoful cookies are DELISH and I’m so pumped to share them with you.


The table is always gorgeous – my sister in law does such a great job hosting! And dinner…delicious.


I had allll the food. Cranberries (so good homemade!), turkey, green beans, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, Nanny’s famous coleslaw, & brussels! It is so nice to be able to enjoy a meal with my family, being so thankful for my sense of BODYpeace. Thanksgiving used to be a day where I wouldn’t let myself enjoy without some type of “restriction” rule in my head. Now, I realize that life is too short not to embrace this food with your loved ones & be thankful for every bite.

One of the highlights of my day – playing with my niece Finley!


This dog has got such a spirit inside of her. I love it! Her energy is never lacking – that’s for sure! Anddd I even wore something other than workout clothes ;] do jeggings & tights count?

The denim outfit was for Thanksgiving. I had some older blood orange colored tights that I used for a pop of color to match the scarf. I am obsessed with chestnut boots & high socks – my new favorite thing to wear anytime I go out. I’m a sucker for scarves & over sized sweaters – what about you? #comfortalldayeveryday

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving & truly enjoyed your meal. If you missed my advice for that day – I think it can truly help in any situation – you can check that here!

I’m off to train my athletes on this freezing rain filled Tuesday – I’m ready for snow! ;]


Be true to you,

xo Kasey



What was your favorite part of your Thanksgiving this year?