My advice for Thanksgiving…

November 27, 2014 -
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My advice for Thanksgiving … 


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Life will still go on if you allow yourself to eat certain foods for pleasure. Don’t starve yourself all day to save up for dinner – nourish the bod & be thankful for what it does for you daily.

A BODYpeace life  is about balance and a balance for me is to eat the mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, cranberries, roasted Brussels (I’m bringing!) & all daa turkey – in a comfortable amount that works for you and your own belly.

For too many years I restricted the special yearly foods & recipes created by my family just to abide by the “rules” in my head when it came to eating “perfectly.” I look back & realize I was way too hard on myself and lost sight of what that day was all about – being thankful.

I look forward to the memories to be made & the loved ones I’ll be surrounded by tomorrow while being thankful for the food in front of me.

I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for your support! You rock!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey