Squash FRONANA Powerbowl, Hashbrowns, & Recent Eats!

September 8, 2013 -
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Happy Sunday everyone! I first wanted to say thank you to Jen for being so honest and open with her story on the past two posts. “Life’s Most Thrilling Roller Coaster: Ourselves.” [Part ONE] & [Part TWO]. I know that it’s not always easy to open up about our struggles but I always remind Jen that she truly is inspiring people by being honest.


Switching gears into some recent updates, food, & fitness – last night I spent the evening cheering on one of my best friends, Courtney, as she shined on stage at a local show! Court & Lindsey (the lovely blonde) were my two workout partners all throughout college! I fell in love with weight lifting with these girls. We worked hard together, supported each other, & challenged each other in the gym.

 I, of course, had to make court some chocolate peanut butter powercake to surprise her with!

Courtney has been an athlete her whole life, competing in gymnastics since a young age & also track and field. I loved how Court has no reservations about lifting in the gym with the guys (something that used to send me running for the elliptical machine and bypass all weights.) I remember when we first started training together, I would watch her workout and think – wow, I want to be strong like her one day. This girl can rock out wide grip pull-ups like no big deal.


We called ourselves the “triple threat” & I looked forward to my workouts everyday with these two! We completed a lot of our goals together throughout our few years at school. Fast forward a few years and my little shortstack (my nickname for court) is engaged to an awesome college friend of mine, Ryan! I’ll actually be in her wedding next year, along with Linds, & I can’t wait. Courntey also introduced me to my boyfriend, Corey! Winking smile They all went to high school together. Isn’t it such a small world? Anyway, very lucky for my friendship with these two hardworking ladies!


Other than powercakes, some more recent #betruetoyou eats of mine have been delish! I love getting creative in the kitchen, that is one of my true passions in life. I always say the kitchen = my happy place.

The other day I realized, at like 10pm, that I hadn’t had any squash YET! Which obviously meant me throwing some amazing carnival squash into my nightly dessert. Which in this case, was FRONANA.


FRONANA with added spinach, topped with chocolate sauce & sprinkles
(because really, life is too short not to have sprinkles)

A side of carnival squash and underneath is some sunbutter – my obsession.

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@Trinafactor must have been reading my mind –
the topping are the best part! I love some crunch.


The FRONANA always hits the spot, especially when I’m just getting back from training a client.


Do you ever leave the house with a bunch of bags hanging off of you?

My usual 45 things hanging from me – just call me the traveling trainer!

Got my equalizer bars, buddy system, plus purse + water bottle.

I swear I would rather pile up everything on my shoulders than take two trips Winking smile ha!


Ok, back to the food! So I’ve also been on this savory kick lately. Eggs, hashbrowns, & ketchup are flavors that take me back to childhood! The other day I came across Whole Foods 365 brand hashbrowns in the frozen food section and found myself immediately craving them.


Two Dippy Eggs with dill & old bay seasoning – the BEST combo on eggs! My dad has been making them this way for years. It’s funny, the one day I made eggs fro corey and he said he called my eggs “kasey eggs” because they are seasoned. I owe that to papacakes Winking smile

Topped with ketchup over hashbrowns with a side of a new BRUSSELS recipe I will be sharing this week!

The hashbrowns I just browned on the stove with onions & some oil of choice.


So to keep the food pics coming & the stomach growling, here are some awesome #POWERBOWLCHALLENGE features!






Want to join in on this delicious challenge?

The official hashtag for this challenge is #PowerbowlChallenge so when you post to the app or website, make sure to share it on your social media so we can all see!

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  • You must post at least 8 times on the challenge page in order to be eligible to win.


I wanted to end this post but start this week with this saying I found the other day.


I currently have a list of goals that I want to achieve and with each passing day I swear my list gets longer. When you’re passionate about what you do, it is normal for that to happen. As much as I know where I want to be in the future, I sometimes still get nervous about my process to get there and the “unknown”.

With each opportunity, I’ve been led down a new path. I learn from each path and I have faith that I was brought that way for a reason.

Sometimes we think (or worry) so far ahead that we forget to take a step back and enjoy where we are now, at this exact moment, and the opportunities in front of us.

This week I get the opportunity to meet with people about possibly taking a group fitness “power hour” class on their lunch breaks. I’m super excited because I’ve been itching to get back into teaching classes! I look at these opportunities as chances to grow & get more experiences in the fitness world that I am a part of.

I’m very excited and will be filling you all in on how it’s going! Winking smile


Red heart Kasey

What are your goals this week?