California Day [TWO] Recap!

August 12, 2013 -
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Hello everyone! I apologize for being so delayed with my recap posts but in all honesty, every night we get back to the hotel after our 12+ hour days…this girl is BEAT! As Kristin said at dinner the other day, every night has been a “I’m lucky if I get to wipe my make-up off” kind of night! Winking smile Today I wanted to recap day TWO at the IDEA WORLDS Convention.


It was a very bright & colorful day as you can tell in all of these pictures.

Top Left: got to chat with the adorable Jillian!! So glad to have met her.


Packed up my Under Armour backpack, laced up the tennis shoes, & was off enjoy the conference. We started the morning off with a S.W.E.A.T. class which was all about plyos, sprints, high intensity, & body weight movements. Afterwards I refueled with some overnight oats made from 1/2 cup oats, 2 TB Flax, 1/4 cup peanut flour, cinnamon, water, & stevia. Topped with berries!


I don’t have a microwave in my hotel room
so I just mixed everything together the night before and
let sit over night to absorb the liquid.


My first lecture was Julieanna Hever! I was so excited to hear her presentation on plant based foods. She is so full of energy & life! I loved it. The one part of this that stood out to me the most was her saying, “No matter our food choices, I think we can all agree that more fruits & vegetables are beneficial for everyone.” Which is SO true! Definitely a #betruetoyou moment since I’ve often mentioned that I personally don’t label my way of eating any certain title. No matter your food choices, eating a wide variety of colors and foods is beneficial for all of us.


We then headed to the keynote speaker who was Bo Eason. It was the most AMAZING speech I’ve ever watched. And I truly mean “watched” because the way he moved around the stage, telling his story, had you so hooked on his every word.

He spoke about his story of never giving up. I could do a whole post just on him but basically he had a love for football ever since he was little but he wasn’t the most athletic child. He said his dream was to be “the best safety in the world.” He would practice for hours and hours running backwards (since he wanted to play safety). He said he had to learn how to run backwards as fast as most guys ran forward. After years of practice, he had hopes of playing in college but no colleges wanted him.

Bo decided to walk onto his university’s team and got cut the first day from camp & was sent home only to return for school in the fall. BUT he didn’t let that stop him. He comically told his stories about sleeping in his car (since he no longer had access to the dorms), eating hot dog buns and peanut butter (because it was all he could afford with no meal plan), & then “sneaking” into practice everyday by befriending the equipment man who would toss him a uniform every day to wear and practice in.

He literally was unnoticed by the coach until his first game where his parents came to watch (without any idea he got cut in the first place). He begged one of the special teams players to let him jump in for one play without the coach seeing him. Long story even longer, he basically ran down the field and made an amazing tackle. The coach then noticed him & he went on to the NUMBER ONE drafted safety into the NFL after his 4 years at school.

Talk about inspiring? I had goose bumps the whole entire time.


Your story is your most valuable tool.” – Bo Eason

#confidence #betruetoyou

I was so inspired by Bo that I went to his workshop a few hours later. He talked all about how to be successful, you have to share your story. This was music to my ears & just validated how important it is to be true to ourselves! That’s what people want to get to know…it’s not always about what you do but why you do it, the person you are, and the honest stories YOU share.

He had us write about our lowest point in life and how we came back from it. A lot of talked about things that happened when we were younger, when someone may have told us “no” or “you can’t do that” and how we dealt with it by overcoming these obstacles. I even got partnered up with Tasha and we got to share our stories! I felt so full of energy and inspired after that workshop.


After that we headed to the Expo where we got to walk around & see all of the booths.




Got to see the adorable Cassey Ho.
So proud of her for her accomplishments! Such an inspiration.


check out mamacakes arms! woo!

Mamacakes & I headed to the Lebert Fitness equalizer booth where we got to try out (and purchase) some awesome Equalizers & their new buddy system trainer. I can’t wait to use these with my clients & at boot camps!


Alyse snapped me in the middle of playing with the buddy system trainer.


always a chance to take a little time to enjoy the beautiful Cali sun.

It’s also a plus when your bright blue under armour pants match the sky Winking smile


For anyone that’s ever been to a weekend conference, you can relate to how HUNGRY you are at the end of the day. To go along with my colorful day, a colorful Mexican dinner was exactly what we were craving.


We picked a local spot called Rosa Mexican
that made homemade guac at your table! hiyoo!


It was the perfect way to start the meal.


I ordered Mahi Mahi that came with some delicious beans & corn.

I could get used to this sunshine, fresh food, & vibrant colors!

Next post will be all about Day 3 of the conference.


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