So Delicious Dairy Free 21 Day Challenge!

January 21, 2015 -
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Goooood morning lovely peeps, how are you!? Today I’m super excited to let you guys know that I am teaming up with So Delicious Dairy Free on their 21 day Challenge!


Y’all know that I am a huge fan of their products, their service, & they were an AMAZING sponsor of our 2014 GLOW Retreat last August. The reason I am excited about this challenge is because I am definitely in need of a boost of creativity in the recipe department!

With a busy week, like most of us have, I tend to stick to my “basic” go-to’s daily for meals. Whenever So Delicious asked to partner up, I instantly was pumped to create some new recipes to share throughout the 21 days (also in thanks to this great starter kit).


You better believe that powercakes are on the menu ;] I will be sharing recipes & tips in the Facebook group if you decide to join in! And like with any awesome challenge – there are some great giveaways up for grabs!


Now let me be 100% honest – I initially was super pumped and then thought to myself, “will people think I’m restricting different eats for this challenge?”. Let me be clear here (clears throat), Heather & I were actually just talking about this – whenever you’re at a place where you are at peace with your body and tuned into how your body actually functions – challenges like this don’t mean restricition. I instantly looked at it as a chance to be creative, try new things, new recipes, new products – & for me, that is fun and what drives my creativity.  For example, my sister in law loves dairy but everytime she eats it – her mouth gets super itchy. I’m excited to try out a new recipe that she can be the taste tester for ;] (Hi Ang!) Whether you eat dairy or not (be true to you) this is a fun way to look at something as a way to try new things & new recipes!

Ok – whew! Let’s move on – to whipped cream? YES.


Guys, I am not just saying this – their Coco Whip is BOMB! It’s creamy, sweet, & delish along with their creamers. 10915268_903773099667089_5272225039058087420_n

They sure do have a plethora of recipes to check out if you’re interested in switching some things up! Interested in joining in on the challenge?

here’s how it works:

  • Join the Facebook Group “21 Day Dairy Free Challenge” before the start date or during our challenge.
  • Each day So Delicious will post tips and stories to help you feel encouraged to stay on track
  • Every week we will feature great products giveaways and some bigger prizes too!
  • Share any feedback, recipes or tips with the group and support in the group!
  • Read offical rules… aka the boring stuff.


Every day is a chance to try something new so if you’re interested or have a great recipe of your own – we’d love to see it!

I’m off to a business meeting for – woo woo! Things are moving along.


Have a great Wednesday & be true to you!

xo Kasey