GLOW Retreat 2014 Part TWO [Saturday Sessions!]

September 8, 2014 -
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Hey all! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! I apologize for being so MIA from the blog – we were having some technical difficulties all last week so hopefully now we’ve made some updates – it’ll be smooth sailing from here!

I can’t believe that it’s already been TWO weeks since the first ever GLOW Retreat.

Our awesome & talented friend Lauren who photographed the whole weekend got pictures back to us this week & they are great! It’s so awesome when a moment happens, you look over & think “gosh this would be a great picture”, & then before you even think that – Lauren already got it! She rocks.


Going through the pictures from Saturday’s sessions reminds me just how powerful each day truly was.   Saturday was the longest day of the Retreat, filled with a ton of different sessions to truly let everyone’s inner “glow” shine. We had breakfast, Heather’s meditation workshop, workout with yours truly followed by a VEGA food & smoothie demo, a BODYpeace chat from the 3 of us sharing our stories, then finished with a much needed yoga session with essential oils from our girl Katie.


The 3 of us were truly in our element teaching what we love & can’t wait to expand on it more next year – while also getting YOU guys involved.

Breakfast on Saturday was brought to us by my friends at the amazing So Delicious Dairy Free company!

They sent a ton of their coconut milk cultured yogurts, their cococinno drinks, & Purely Elizabeth sent over some of their DELISH granola to go along with it.

IMG_7276I was obviously pumped!


While we ate, we chatted about how everyone found out about the GLOW Retreat and what brought them there. Hearing everyone’s unique take on why they were there was super inspiring. It was great to see these women investing in themselves & knowing they totally deserve a weekend like this.




We then surprised our girls with HumanX Mats & The Universe Knows Journals to use throughout the weekend!


I LOVE surprises.



Andddd the amazing Soul Candy CO hand made EACH rock for each of our girls to keep with them all weekend.



After breakfast everyone made their way into Heather’s mediation workshop where she helped everyone find their own way to meditate, simple & quick meditations, & also sang for everyone as she led them through a mediation.


I don’t want to spoil too much because Heather will totally have an epic recap of this BUT when she speaks, it is so motivating. Heather has a gift – a gift to truly help others through her voice. She doesn’t only talk with you, but she has a way of totally slowing down your thoughts & concentrating on her words. She also has an AMAZING singing voice that can definitely put you in a trance. If you haven’t purchased her Meditation CD off Itunes, you’re missing out!



After Heather’s workshop, it was time to get a training session in with yours truly! Thanks to my friends & our sponsors, HumanX Gear by Harbinger, we were able to have a kick-ass bootcamp! I started with a group warm up with some Carrie Underwood (cause I love her), to get everyone pumped up!



I’ve learned that I make this REALLY cool face while teaching.



and have some “smoooooth” dance moves.


“Get that butt BACK when you squat!”



Station 1) HumanX AbX mat Sky Reaches – lay back over mat, SLOWLY use your core to get yourself to sitting and REACH to the sky, then reverse back down for 1 rep. Keep legs straight for extra challenge!





Station 2) 1 Arm HumanX Band overhead press with a reverse lunge.



Station 3) HumanX Beaded Jump Rope station.









Station 4) Rear Band Pull Apart with reverse lunge. I also loved how this group all faced each other!




Station 5) Body weight squats!


After we went through all 5 60second stations 2 times, we moved into partner work! Mamacakes & I demonstrated the Squat & Row where both partners squat, stand, and then pull back as they row with the band. We interlaced our bands together.



Then we moved into Partner Core Drops with the HumanX Resistance bands (you can find my YouTube video on these here!).



Everyone challenged themselves by holding a plank while their partner did the leg drops!


Then we did some partner chest press which miss Healthy Diva herself totally rocked.


Always have to bring it in for the ending!



Love this group shot post-workout! And thank you to Honest Tea for offering some refreshment for after the bootcamp!


Next, what comes best after a workout? FOOD to refuel, right!? It seemed totally fitting to do a cooking demo/lunch/chat about fueling your body right after our bootcamp!



And what better company to help me out? VEGA! I truly love their products, their mission, & their education they provide to others through their website on proper ways to fuel your body. I love teaching about this topic as well so I decided to make my favorite smoothie recipes for everyone using VEGA Sport.



While Jenn got the fruit all ready, I got to pass out some awesome VEGA swag for all of our ladies!






So awesome! We then moved into the cooking demo & I also gave my presentation on fueling your body and how important it is just to EAT! Too often we restrict our food intake trying to “get ahead” when in reality, we are puting stress on our bodies to push out workouts & also live life, without much fuel. I always use the simple analogy that our bodies are truly like cars. How do they get from place to place? They need gas. Just like our bodies (or cars) need fuel! Simple as that.





I made us a Creamsicle smoothie with oranges, bananas, VEGA Sport Vanilla, ice, & So Delicious Coconut Milk!


I obviously need to watch it closely ;] our second smoothie was Chocolate Covered Strawberry with Chocolate VEGA Sport Protein Powder, Strawberries, ice, & So Delicious Milk.


I then chatted about how VEGA has a ton of products that are my go-to, especially for a busy lifestyle!



It was then time to eat, drink, & be fueled! Vega bars are absolutely delish & not only did the girls get some in their swag bags, but they also got to sample each flavor.

IMG_7670Once our muscles were refilled, we made our way to Katie’s Journaling session.


but first, we have to take a selfie.


Katie’s workshop was beautiful. It was SO awesome to see her in her element, sharing her stories so openly, & letting us know how journaling saved her in one of the hardest times of her life.



I truly believe that when someone is vulnerable & opens up, it inspires others to do the same. Once Katie got raw with everyone – there were truly SO many breakthroughs for other ladies once they started writing things down.


Journaling is something that I really want to get more into and I think it would be a great way just to calm my mind at the end of the day & write down things I am grateful for. Big shout out to The Universe Knows for offering motivational journals for everyone to use all weekend and take with them!


Once Katie completed her workshop, the 3 of us then spoke together about our own stories towards BODYpeace. The 3 of us each shared our stories and then opened up the floor to any questions anyone may have. Everyone was so supportive and whenever we got to do what we do best & teach the girls tips on finding more peace within themselves, you could feel the amazing energy in the room.

IMG_7677 IMG_7678




There were tears & laughter. One of the biggest points I tried to drive home was that you didn’t have to have a past of struggle or a disorder to be at the GLOW Retreat…the Retreat was all about just being RAW with yourself and those around you. If you couldn’t relate to someone based on their story, it didn’t mean that you couldn’t be a support for them as they shared their past. It was so beautiful so see Women lifting each other UP instead of putting anyone down. If anything, everyone sharing stories was a way to show that we are ALL human.





After our BODYchat – we moved onto Katie’s yoga to finish off the day and it was definitely perfect timing.













Mamma Chia sent a ton of their Squeeze Packs for everyone to enjoy after the yoga session!


IMG_7737Looking back now at all of these pictures, this day was truly amazing. It was a day full of strength, emotions, happiness, laughing, eating, drinking, & enjoying everyones company. You could truly feel the soul sister bond getting stronger.

Can’t wait to fill you in on DAY THREE coming up next! I hope you guys have a great Monday!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey