Birthday Surprise & 21 Day Challenge So Delicious Recipe Archive!

January 25, 2015 -
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Hello all! Hope you’re having a great weekend! It’s super snowy here, and by here, I mean at Corey’s! ;] If you missed it on Instagram – I flew in to surprise Corey the night before his 25th birthday!


He was just chillin on the couch as a friend of ours, Kayley, helped come up with a story to get us into his place. BIG shout out to Heather too for being my ride from the airport! Love my girls…and Corey’s facial expression.

Heather & I spent the morning together on Friday with some coffee talk & brainstorming for an upcoming project! We also filmed a check-in VLOG for our lovely BODYpeace Facebook Group! You can still join us – just head to this link & meet us in the group along with around 300 other amazing women!

bodypeace videoTalk about a screenshot for ya ;] in a few months we’ll be within miles of each other so this will be happening more often!

While I’m in town with Corey, we really just wanted to relax for the whole weekend without any big plans (which was nice) and we also hit the gym together. He truly pushes me in the gym & it’s nice to have a spot to try some heavier weights ;]



We worked some legs yesterday with deadlifts, leg press (that face though), squats, & finished with some overhead walking lunges. I love taking things overhead to activate the core & arms!

His refrigerator was pretty bare since he wasn’t planning on a guest, so along with a birthday chocolate chip cookie cake (hiyo!), I picked up some essentials.


With the So Delicious 21 Day Challenge in full force – I made sure to grab some of my favorite coconut milk creamer for morning coffee. I’m also a part of their facebook group where I’ll be sharing tips & recipes so I thought over the next few weeks with the challenge I would recap some of my favorite recipes using some of their products.  Looking back at these makes me want to get in the kitchen & start cooking!


[Broccoli Cheddar Butternut Squash Soup]


[Chocolate Chip POWERZOOKIE with Chocolate Ice Cream]

If you try these out – let me know! Speaking of recipes, our BODYpeace challenge is almost halfway through & my end of the book involves cooking & baking so we hope to see some pics of the recipes in the book for some extra entries to our giveaways!

I’m off to enjoy this rest day from the gym, make some brunch for the boy & I, and enjoy our last full day together for this trip!

Hope you have a great Sunday & be true to you,

xo Kasey



Have you ever surprised anyone before? Now Corey knows what it felt like whenever he flew in to propose to me. You seriously feel like that person is a hologram or something!



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3 responses to “Birthday Surprise & 21 Day Challenge So Delicious Recipe Archive!”

  1. Aubrey says:

    Your looking so strong girl:)

  2. Amalia says:

    yay!! I’m so glad you got to surprise him. Surprises are the best. Enjoy the rest of your time there!

  3. Nicole says:

    Hey girl! I have been following you forEVER but am just now getting around to actually commenting – I just want to say you and Corey are adorable and when you posted about the proposal I legit almost cried – is that weird? Anyway congratulations and hope you had a good trip!

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