Reverse Mountain Climbers & Surprise 90th Birthday!

February 16, 2014 -
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Good Morning all! Happy Sunday! The 90th Birthday Party last night was a total Surprise for Aunt Rita! Can’t you tell?


Here is a video clip that I took as she walked in…Please forgive my voice as I forgot that I was the closest to the microphone – go me!

After all of the hugs – it was time to eat! I was craving some French Onion Soup and it was delicious. LOADED with onions which made it even better. I also got a great Salmon Salad.

Time for cake! Side Note: totally burnt myself trying to light the candles with another candle…hot wax hurts.

So fun to see all of the family together!

Sista-in-law, mamacakes (feeling a lot better), & myself!

Aunt Rita and her boys – CoreyCakes, Papacakes, & our cousin Kevin!

After the party – my brother was playing acoustic at a local spot. We ended the night all together while Philip sang.


Now that we rested up & got to sleep in a bit today on this Snowy Sunday – time to get movin’ with some Power Plates!


Loving the posts on the Challenge Loop App!


Today we’ve got Reverse Mountain Climbers!


  • Support yourself in a reverse plank as you keep your core tight.
  • Move your legs in a reverse mountain climber.


These are a great way to get your heart rate up & work on full body strength. Can’t wait to see you guys do it! #IWILL

Off to enjoy some Powercakes with the family before a meeting then dinner with the fam! Love weekends packed with Family time.

Enjoy your Sunday!!!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey



Have you ever thrown a surprise party? I swear it’s the best to completely catch someone off guard with a room full of family!