Nutrex-Hawaii Spirulina & BioAstin Giveaway! [11 Days Of Giveaways]

January 20, 2014 -
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Hey all! Happy Monday! Keep an eye out later on for my announcement! It may involve you getting your DVR’s ready to record something tomorrow 😉 Just saying! I’ll be announcing on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter so make sure to follow those accounts to keep up to date! 

Today is day 8 of the 11 Days Of Giveaways!

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Today my friends at Nutrex Hawaii are offering you all a chance to win an awesome Spirulina & BioAstin Prize Pack!!

Last year I was very blessed to have the chance to go to the Nutrex-Hawaii Nutrition Summit where I learned all about these amazing super-foods!

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So what is Spirulina? 

Spirulina is a green algae, which may sound unappealing at first. You also may recall seeing it before & not really understanding why it’s so important for our bodies.  Spirulina is a FOOD, not a supplement. That’s what makes it so amazing for our bodies –our bodies know how to utilize it! You can also feel good knowing that it’s not created by man…it’s created by nature!




Hawaiian Spirulina is now available in SPEARMINT flavor in a 3 per day formula! They are 1,000 mg all natural spearmint flavored tablets! Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica will help give you an energy boost and will support a healthy immune system.

•100% Vegetarian, 100% Vegan, Non-GMO
•FREE of Gluten, Lactose, Soy, Pesticides, Herbicides, Solvents
•All Natural


Nutrex-Hawaii Bio

  • Nutrex Hawaii was founded in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 1990 by Dr. Gerald Cysewski, a world-renowned expert in microalgae and carotenoids. 
  • Their mission is to utilize the benefits of micro-algae to improve health and extend lives in the world wide community.    
  • Carved out of land that was once a barren lava flow, Nutrex Hawaii is located on the pristine Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.


 [We got to take a tour of this beautiful farm and you can see that recap HERE]

  • The farm draws on the natural resources that surround us – abundant warm sunlight, pure deep ocean water and 100% fresh water drawn from

Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica® – a superior strain of Spirulina, with the highest known nutritional content of any Spirulina. 

  • Spirulina – is a blue-green algae found in high alkaline lakes in Africa and Central America. It is approximately 60% complete, highly digestible protein with the highest levels of beta-carotene found naturally.
  • It has high levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, B Vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.
  • **3 Grams of Spirulina have the same amount of antioxidants, enzymes, & phytonutrients as FIVE servings of vegetables!

Pretty awesome for a food, right?


Gerald Cysewski, PH. D & Chief Science Officer of the company say that Spirulina is a great addition to your diet to fill in the gaps throughout your day. Meaning that not to just take 3 capsules & call it a day with your veggies, but to still take in antioxidant rich food with the added (many) benefits of spirulina.

So, what is the other product that I’m not sure how to pronounce? Astaaaa, what?

This was my first thought to whenever I received Astaxanthin in the mail a few months ago from the company. Pronounced (Asta-ZAN-thin). 

 BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin gel caps are an incredibly potent natural supplement. It supports cardiovascular health, healthy immune function, joint and tendon health, skin health, and eye and brain health. 

No other antioxidant can compare to the energy boosting powers of BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin. One gelcap per day will help keep your body strong and full of powerful energy-boosting antioxidants. 

BioAstin is FREE of gluten, lactose, pesticides and herbicides. It’s Non-GMO and BSE-Free. BioAstin has GRAS status (is recognized as safe by the US FDA). Suggested serving size: 1gelcap daily with food.


BioAstin® – 100% pure, natural Hawaiian Astaxanthin™, the world’s strongest natural antioxidant with benefits for joint health, skin health, eye and brain health and for athletes and active people.


Let me just repeat that again…The worlds strongest natural antioxidant.

This isn’t a sales pitch people – the research that I learned while in Hawaii about these two products completely opened my eyes. I was so fascinated by the facts surrounding these super nutrients..

  • Astaxanthin – is a red carotenoid and a potent antioxidant that is over 500 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 10 – 20 times stronger than other carotenoids such as zeaxanthin, lutein, lycopene and beta-carotene.
  • While found in plants and animals, it is most prevalent in the marine environment and in algae and phytoplankton.

Where is Astaxanthin found?

  • Astaxanthin is found in its highest natural concentration in Wild Pacific sockeye salmon.
  • It is also found in krill, algae, red trout, shrimp, crab, lobster, and other resources.
  • Its vibrant red pigmentation is what helps give these marine animals and plants their intense coloring.

What I learned was that salmon get their red pigment from astaxanthin. If you think about it, salmon load up on algae in the sea before taking off on their voyages to leave the ocean and return to their birth river to spawn, as if guided by some internal GPS.

They stop feeing during their vigorous journey upstream and live on their rich stores of fat and other nutrients accumulated for their race. Before their final sprint, the salmon’s flesh turns a deeper pink because it stores Astaxanthin from their diet.

Researches studied why salmon were so strong to be able to go against current for that long of time. They found that the astaxanthin they were ingesting from the algae helped.

This powerful pink nutrient acts like an internal bodyguard to protect their flesh and keep it strong during the marathon.

Astaxanthin is consumed by many different types of aquatic life, and its intense red pigmentation results in these animals having red or pink flesh, or outer shells.Hence WILD salmon being so pink/red, right?


Farm raised salmon doesn’t get to experience the algae as much as the wild salmon who gets the truest form of the pigment, micro-algae. Therefore the farm-raised fish get their astaxanthin resources through commercially made food additives. So it’s suggested to ingest WILD salmon opposed to farm raised to really get the benefits of natural astaxanthin sources.

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The astaxanthin that is used to make Nutrex-Hawaii’s BioAstin is grown in controlled fresh water ponds, in a BioSecure Zone that’s free from pesticides and other genetically modified organisms.

I highly suggest reading Dr. Sears book on Astaxanthin. It really opened up my eyes to this wonderful nutrient!


You may be asking, why should I take Astaxanthin?

  • Astaxanthin is an antioxidant, so it naturally reduces free radicals in the body.
  • As Dr. Sears would say, it helps remove the “Stick Stuff” from our bodies.
  • It is also known for eye health, skin health, heart heath, cellular health, and helping the body’s immune system.

The best part is that it is from NATURE! Again, you can feel good knowing that your body knows what to do with this powerful antioxidant.

We also learned why it is so important for athletes (aka “The salmon”, since we work hard during the days too, we can also benefit as the fish do by ingesting this powerful antioxidant.)


Pretty awesome right? I honestly just focus on a powerful food intake with balance and moderation of all foods & I make sure to take my spirulina & BioAstin daily! I also take a probiotic and my digestive system has been super happy.

I am not a doctor – just telling my story! ;]

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