Flicks n’ Wicks Natural Candle Giveaway [11 Days Of Giveaways!]

January 19, 2014 -
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Hi all! Happy Sunday! Are you planning on watching any of the big games today? Speaking of football…I suggest you keep an eye out for my big announcement tomorrow that you may have to set your DVR for on Tuesday!! (wink wink) I promise you will all be the first to know once I can announce it! WOO! 

Anyway, it’s DAY 7 of the 11 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS!


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Today I want to introduce you to a lovely lady that I met at the Candle Lit Yoga Event a few months ago. Her name is Ashley Opalka & she owns a company called Flick’s n Wicks that specializes in Natural Soy Candles! She’s a local girl & I obviously love reaching out to help others get the word out about their business’s so I’m so gad that Ashley joined in!

Ashley Opalka started Flick’s n Wicks to create the perfect candle using all natural elements. Candles have always been a passion of hers and she knew exactly what it would take to obtain the best ingredients. Candles should be fragrant, clean burning and most importantly…cozy!

Ashley’s “Flicks n Wicks” candles contain all natural soy and burn extremely fragrant with wooden crackling wicks. The soy does not emit harmful carcinogens and is safe for many people who suffer from allergies

The fragrant aromas fill an entire space, large or small. The crackling wooden wicks brings the cozy atmosphere that a fire place does with one flick of the wick!

How They Started:

Flicks n’ Wicks is a natural soy candle company. Ashley uses wooden wicks to create cozy in one flick of the wick! The wooden fire crackling, combined with the fragrant aromas, create an ambiance unlike any other.

The founder, Ashley, was in love with great smelling products. Not only did she think about how she could improve every candle that she purchased, but she longed for them to be more fragrant and last longer.

Ashley is also extremely health conscious. Having a family of her own, she knew that they needed to stay away from any toxic carcinogens that are released when lighting a paraffin candle.

I personally learned a lot from checking out Ashley’s Flick’s n Wicks website.

I learned that Soy candles are not only better for the environment, but for you and your family. If allergies are a problem, soy is your answer for candles. 

When lighting Ashley’s candles, you will notice that there is no black smoke that emits from them which is a result of toxic free candles.

Corey & I are HUGE candle lovers – yup that’s right – my boyfriend looooves him some candles! There is just something about how relaxed and calm you feel whenever you’re surrounded by them, especially with a mug of tea! 

Ashley was so sweet to send me a sample of her candles! I got White Tea & Berries and Vanilla Nut Coffee! They both smell AMAZING. 

The White Tea & Berries is not too overwhelming of a scent and would go great in a bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere really! The Vanilla Nut Coffee is one of those candles that you wish you could eat with a spoon – for real.

Her store offers a wide variety of scents …

Cinnamon Bun

Bliss Candle: Lavender, Chamomile, & Lemon 

Strawberry Shortcake

Buttered Rum

Chocolate Fudge

Ashley even has Clamshell Tarts for Candle Warmers!


Ashley is offering a lucky reader a chance to win some Flick’s n Wicks of your own!

How To Enter:

  1. Check out the Candles on Ashley’s Flick’s N Wicks Website & leave a comment below letting us know which Scent you’d like to win!
Optional Extra Entries: (please leave a SEPARATE comment below for each extra entry – thank you!)
  1. Tweet about the giveaway, “I am entering to win the @Ashley_Opalka Flick’s N Wicks Natural Soy Candle Giveaway via @Powercakes at https://powercakes.net/flicksnwicks”
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*This is open to US Residents. 

*You have until the 27th Of January to enter ALL giveaways for this series!

If you would like to contact Ashley her e-mail is Ashley.Opalka@gmail.com


GOOD LUCK & be true to you!

xo Kasey