[“Staycation” Week & Enjoyable Eats!]

August 31, 2014 -
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Hey all! Hope your weekend is awesome – I was just with Heather this morning and we cannot believe that the GLOW Retreat was already 1 week ago! Time seriously goes by so fast. I remember looking at my August schedule and being pumped up to take it all on – and now, it’s September!?  Time can slow down, like, anytime now.

With a new month comes new events being marked in the Calendar which is super exciting, and I can honestly stay after this weeks much needed “staycation” with the boy – I’m ready to bring on September!

After the GLOW Retreat, I traveled to stay with Corey for a week after 2 months of not seeing each other. We’ve been long distance our whole relationship so I was a total bad ass in the beginning like, “oh, 2 months won’t be that bad.” but once a few weeks hit, I was like, sooo has it been 2 months yet? #mushy #sorrynotsorry

He was super busy this week with student’s moving in to campus so I got to relax while also getting caught up on work! After my massive amount of food pictures you’re about to see – I can promise you that I did do work this week…as well as eat, a lot. I love trying out food places and this area is loaded with them! I also loved switching up the training routine like working out in the park on the playground.

Kasey a few years ago wouldn’t have let herself enjoy local restaurants – or if I did, I would’ve been anxious not being able to “control” my food or how it was prepared. Once I truly gave myself permission just to enjoy food that I wanted & the time spent at a restaurant with whoever I was with – that sense of “control” truly did start to go away. I started to remind myself that food is food – and I do eat to fuel my body and I also eat for enjoyment. Finding that balance in life is something we all work on – but eventually after challenging yourself enough – it will come easier.

Yesterday Corey was off work so we were able to spend the day together – and I was happy to see him rockin’ his new UA tank.


Breakfast was DELISH. Roasted veggie omelet with avocado, grilled tomato, & multigrain bread. ANDD iced coff, of course. After breakie, we hit the beach for a few hours.


Split a jumbo Del’s Frozen Lemonade – now I see what all the hype is about. SO GOOD & refreshing.


Later on, we met up with some friends, Jon & Vanessa, at a Mexican Restaurant where we got to meet their new baby girl, Kennedy! There is just something so amazing about holding a newborn baby. She is 2 months & absolutely adorable.


We all ordered so similar & enjoyed the “Perfect Quesadilla” with chicken & pineapple jicama salsa – need to make that! After dinner we walked around only to see that we were about to catch a perfect sunset.


How beautiful? Nothing like an ocean view sunset to end the night.


This morning we met up with Heather & her bf Matty to walk around Providence! Did I mention that I will eventually be living like, 25 minutes, from Heather in a few months? CRAZY how life happens. More on that soon! Winking smile

We grabbed breakfast at a place called Julian’s & their vegan pancake was AMAZING with a raspberry compote & coconut milk whipped cream. I also had an omelet – yum!


It was a beautiful day to attempt to take a normal picture.


After we walked around the town – our stomachs led us to FROYO. Which was a perfect afternoon snack.


Hit the gym with the boy rockin’ the Harbinger Fitness wrist wraps. It’s been a while since we had a good training sesh together so we did some shoulder strength circuits. One of our favorite things to train!


The rest of the week, like I said, I did catch up on needed things which was awesome & also like I said before, had a chance to take more food pics!


Made the boy & I some deconstructed Taco Plates earlier this week. So simple & 1 of my go to’s for dinner. (rice, tomatoes, taco seasoning, protein of choice, & some organic cheese & avocado on top!)


Grabbed this Soba Noodle (buckwheat) salad when I was out with Heather & added some avocado for lunch one day. It had a soy ginger dressing too which was perfectttt for the salad.


Speaking of salads – had to snap a pic of the pretty little peppers before I ate them.


Have I mentioned my obsession for bubble tea yet? Whelp, I have one. I love tea, but I think I just truly have a thing for the bubbles.


Earlier this week I got to take Heather’s willpower & grace class which is barefoot cardio & bodyweight moves. I loved it! Always fun to switch things up. Plus, Heather is an awesome instructor. We both had matching VEGA bottles & energizer.


We grabbed lunch after – which obviously I was on a quesadilla kick this week because I got a butternut squash & black bean one with avocado. Heck. Yes.

You know…looking back on posts like these – it is truly a huge step forward that I am able to just enjoy friends, enjoy the boyfriend, enjoy food, enjoy work, fuel my body, enjoy my training – but most importantly, enjoy life.

For so long, food truly ran my life and these rules I’d put on myself. To step into the uncomfortable & challenge myself to just embrace food as fuel & also embrace certain foods for enjoyment – that balance started to become just a bit easier in my life.

I truly think being true to yourself and not only just your food choices,

but your life in general – will help YOU find more of a balance every day.

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend! Before you know it we’ll be launching BODYpeace & our hopes are that our 30 day guide we put together, can truly help you find your balance.


Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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  1. So much goodness in one post. I’m glad you enjoyed your time with the boy. I feel you on the distance thing. I’m dealing with that now! Also, looking back, I too would have not let myself enjoy the eats out and such. I felt out of control, and needless to say, I spent more time worry about the meal out than actually enjoying it. NOT WORTH IT! The food was damn good, but all I could taste were thoughts. They’re not too appetizing.

    I can’t wait to hear about your “25-minute” move. On to big things, always. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend, girl!

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