My First Sprint Triathlon [Recap!] 2014

August 12, 2014 -
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Hey all! Happy Tuesday!

This month has been just like I mentioned it would be – jam packed! Winking smile In all good ways. This month kicked off with my first time competing in a Sprint Triathlon on Sunday! It was such an awesome experience. Doing the tri was a last minute decision by myself & a few girlfriends about 3 weeks ago. We decided to start with a local one & do it together.

I was totally inspired by my recent helping with the SRU Triathlon Team & VEGA Fuel Your Better College Campaign – you can check those recaps here!


I registered the day before so I could be all ready to go – #64!


I was doing a lot of hydrating, per usual, but even more-so the days leading up to the Tri. Can you tell by my purse overflowing with  VEGA water bottles?


The morning of, Lori snagged a selfie of us – looking very happy yet confused yet scared.  haha this makes me laugh!


Seeing everyone setting up their bikes & gear really got my butterflies moving in the stomach. It was really cool to see how many people were competing! About 250 to be exact.


Got my little area all set up with towel, swim gear, helmet (funny story about that guy), Under Armour Storm Shoes, & bag full of clothes to put over my bathing suit once it was time to bike. The day of the race, I mixed a VEGA Gel with a VEGA Hydrator in my water bottle to keep a good source of electrolytes and carbs flowing into the muscles. (Breakfast a few hours beforehand was 2 pieces of millet bread with coconut oil & apricot jam, 2 hard boiled eggs, & a banana). Worked for me!


I was in heat #2 of the day so by 745am I was ready to go – swim cap on & all.


I ended up wearing the new UA Eclipse Sports bra as my swim top and let me tell you, it was PERFECT. The support was there as well as comfort. Material was great for the water too!


My college Aquatics Professor would be proud of my “high elbow” in this pic. I can just hear his voice in my head now repeating that to us while we trained for our first 500m!


Post 700m (7 laps) face wipe off is alwayssss glamorous.


Because I got out of my lane closest to the pool exit, our side had to do a lap around a cone to be even to the other swimmers. Thank goodness my family & friends stood close that I could toss them my swim gear!


Still wiping my face hahaa love it.


Bike Transition Story: Soooo I thought I was like WAY ahead of the game by throwing my helmet on first (just so I wouldn’t forget it), got dressed, & then I was off!


About 10 miles into my 12 mile bike ride….I reached up to wipe sweat off my forehead, only to find that my helmet was TOTALLY on backwards the whole time. GOO ME!


Don’t I look like a new episode of Shark Week?  I truly did laugh out loud at myself once I realized it & fixed it mid ride.


Oh yeah, rockin’ the backwards helmet. PS this part of the race may have been the most challenging. There was a steady incline hill that we had to do 4 times to start each lap & all of my spinning & biking to prepare really did pay off. A lot of power needed to get up this one!


Time for the 5k Trail Run! I honestly thought that the run would be the hardest part, since every time I had practiced biking into running, my legs didn’t really want to move. But, in all honesty, the run didn’t feel too bad! There were a few (big) hills during the trail run – but once I got back onto the concrete I was able to kick it in to the end. (reliving my high school track days, I always loved the end push!)






I crossed with a time of 1:42:55 – and I am totally fine with it! I am proud of myself & my ladies for crushing this challenge that was new to all of us!

I placed 8 out of 16 in my age group from 25-29 years old.


My brother posted this after & definitely made my day even better. Thanks broski!


Post-race sweat pic!


My girl Lauren made these awesome signs! I couldn’t be more thankful for the support & love from my family & friends that day!



“1 handed let’s hold kasey pic “– I survived, no worries.


Red heartRed heartRed heart

So, not going to lie, about 3 seconds into my run – this is what I was thinking about….


YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I will eat you multi-grain blueberry pancakes with dippy eggs & iced coffee.

Epic people, epic.


The rest of the afternoon I hung out with my niece Finley – she’s the pup of my brother & sister-in-law, Ang! It felt good to put the feet up & enjoy the rest of the day taking it easy.

All in all, it was such a great day! I’m pumped to have accomplished a new goal & I definitely want to do more sprints in the future. But first, I’ve got IDEA BlogFest, World Convention, a trip to Todd Durkin’s Fitness Quest 10, GLOW Retreat, & then a week with mr. Corey!

Basically, hold on for the August ride – cause it’s going to be an epic one! Red heartWinking smile


Thank you all for the constant support, it means so much!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey





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