Behind The Scenes Of GLOW Prep 2014 & Sponsor Shout Outs!

August 26, 2014 -
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Hey all – how are you! Currently taking a little vacation with the boy after a month packed with so many activities. In my mind, I’ve got about 1,000 things to share with you from feeling proud after crushing my first sprint triathlon, to having an amazing & motivating trip to California, & finishing the month with an unbelieveable & life changing first ever GLOW Retreat.

 Last week, I had one day at home after my trip to California (more to come about that!), to do laundry & get re-packed before we headed to Cape Cod!

Talk about a quick turn over – pretty sure I wasn’t even away from the airport for more than 24 hours. I’m really getting to know my way around there.

I was traveling with mamacakes, our family friend Floss, & miss Katie Healthy Diva!

Crazy side note: Katie was the first blog I ever read about 4 years ago. Before starting my own, I actually reached out to Katie via E-Mail for tips about blogging. We’ve stayed connected since then & Heather and Katie just so happen to be friends through blogging as well – which led us to this GLOW collaboration!

Nothing wrong with some excited airport selfies as you wait for your luggage, right?

Once we were done at the airport, we started our hour & a half car ride to Cape Cod from the Boston Airport where we were finally all reunited!

We grabbed lunch & then headed off to do some grocery shopping & last minute errands.

A trader Joe’s stop was on schedule & freeze dried mango is always on my list when I go there. SO GOOD.

Dinner was at the British Beer Company where their salmon was on point! And lots of olives? My type of dinner. The next morning I hit the hotel’s fitness center with miss Healthy Diva.

Lovin’ our UA gear! Especially the JOCK tank – one of my favorites!

Then it was time for GLOW Prep DAY TWO! Which consisted of being totally overwhelmed in such a great way by all of our amazing Sponsors. BUT FIRST – BUBBLE TEA! (just typing this makes me want one right meowwww).

Let us chat about GREEN LOTUS Cafe – located on Main Street in Hyannis. About 6 months ago they opened as one of the areas healthiest options with food. Let me tell you – they did not disappoint! Not only do they use all fresh & local ingredients,  but they also use So Delicious coconut milk for most of their drinks. The above bubble tea was a coffee flavor blended with ice & coconut milk over tapicoa pearls or aka  ‘bubbles’.

We ate breakfast here, like, every single day. This ‘Morning Sunrise’ sandwich was made with eggs, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, sprouts, & a homemade dijon mayo. If you are into this flavor combo – you’ve got to try it! Oh yeah, and perfectly placed between two pieces of homemade baked multigrain bread. YES.

Now please excuse my inevitable red eye but we arrived at the Mid Cape Racquet Club only to find boxes of amazing swag from our supportive sponsors.

You know, I always say whenever I give a presenation or talk to someone about companies I work with – working with different companies is great, BUT what truly means something to me is that together, we can do things to help others. It’s not always about ME & the product – it’s about how we can work together to do good in this world.

Without the support of our amazing GLOW sponsors VEGA, Harbinger Fitness, HumanX Gear, Mamma Chia, Under Armour Women, So Delicious, Rooted Beauty CO, Soul Candy CO, & Nutrex Hawaii, this weekend wouldn’t have been possible.

Not only did they believe in Heather, Katie, & I and our mission with GLOW Retreat, but they took a chance on 3 bloggers starting something brand new & also completely overwhelmed us (in a great way) with the products to make the weekend extra special for our GLOW girls.

VEGA bottles & product for the girls to use throughout the weekend.

Under Armour Women Duffles to stuff all of the swag into for each girl!

HumanX Gear by Harbinger gave each girl kettlebell arm guards —

as well as sponsored our Saturday workout session (that’ll be in the next post!) with resistance bands, abX mats, & jump ropes for daysss!

SO Delicious sent some of their amazing coconut yogurt for breakfast on Saturday as well as a big mix of different milks for our VEGA smoothie demo.


Mamma mia have you tried mamma chia!? (That rhymed way too much not to say it). These squeeze packs were a hit all weekend and were perfect snacks for everyone.

My peeps at Nutrex-Hawaii made it possible for me to spread the Green Spirulina & BioAstin love! I loved teaching everyone about everything I learned while in Hawaii last year. That experience was something I will never forget & the products are something I swear by because they come from the EARTH! hiyo! Which you can read more about them [here].

Also, feel free to use code PCTRUE25 for 25% off your order!

Ah my local girl Kim from Rooted Beauty totally decked our ladies out with Rooted Beauty Rasberry Citrus wipes & Orange Vanilla lip butters for the weekend. Perfect to wipe off in between sessions!

The talented Soul Candy CO handmade EACH soul candy stone for our GLOW girls! Each one was infused with so much energy as we all kept them with us throughout the weekend.

A HUGE shout out hug to our sponsors who completely spoiled all of us this weekend & truly made each day filled with even more GLOW. After our day Thursday filled with prep & swag bag stuffing – we were ready to EAT! and toast to our hard work put in for this year’s Retreat!

We met up with our GLOW Mom’s, Floss & Mamacakes, at Torino for dinner.

Dinner was delicious & hit the spot. I may or may not have head salmon….again. I love it, what can I say!

And we couldn’t pass up the opp to stop by the Gelato shop RIGHT around the corner from dinner! It was so amazing & the owner’s were two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. The owner even perfected a Stevia vanilla based gelato that was amazing!

It was so nice to see all of us just truly being ourselves, enjoying food, enjoying life, & just owning who we are. Every day we all are faced with challenges, whether it be with food, fitness, or anything else in life – but it’s up to use to just let ourselves LIVE & enjoy every moment in a balance that works for us.

Whether your balance is gelato, a glass of wine, pizza, or a kale salad – my gosh just let yourself ENJOY it. Life is too short to miss out on opportunities for enjoyment.

Once we got back from our awesome girl’s night it was time to take all of the surprise swag bags into Katie’s room since the next night we’d be meeting all of our GLOW 2014 girls!

Smiles all around as we knew that the next day would be the start of something amazing. And with that, I will leave you with  anticipation before sharing about the whole weekend – and trust me, you’ll feel the energy through the recap posts with these life changing moments.

Thank you again to our supportive sponsors – we are so thankful!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

Have you recently had a moment where you just let yourself enjoy something that you normally would hold yourself back from? And if not, I hope soon you give yourself permission to enjoy small moments in life – they can make a big change to your overall glow.