GLOW Retreat Tickets Launch This Saturday!!

May 15, 2014 -
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Happy Friday all! Where has the week gone!? For real. This week has been SUPER productive with clients, training, coaching, & background things such as eBook writing & GLOW Retreat launches! I’m getting pretty good at wearing many hats Winking smile Which I’m sure you all wear many as well! I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m wonder woman, or that I don’t ever get tired – because trust me, my head hits my pillow hard at night – BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way though because I truly look forward to every single day.


Sometimes daily  coffee stops in the afternoon make days even that much more enjoyable. And that fact that I am CRAVING my beloved iced coff + organic grassfed half&half (found at whole foots) & stevia = happiness on this warm day .

So today I’m actually NYC bound to hang with my @Average2Athlete ladies before our CMC race tomorrow! We’re SO excited & can’t wait to meet our whole team! Currently fueling up with a Vega-Fueled smoothie before I get going for the day —


1 Banana + Frozen Spinach + 1 Scoop Of Vanilla VEGA Sport + Hemp Seeds + Mango

Blended in my Vitamix with So Delicious Unsweet Vanilla Coconut Milk

Topped with Flax, Hemp, & berries! Talk about about a “glowing” smoothie! Winking smile

Speaking of glowing, let’s chat GLOW retreat, shall we? I think we should so you don’t miss out because TICKETS LAUNCH THIS SATURDAY AT 10AM EST! That’s not me yelling, it’s me being super excited.


The tickets are first come, first serve and there are 50 spots open. The first 20 tickets are $50 off of the $249 price (so first 20 are $199) . More information will be provided this week as far as flight ideas & hotel information all on the site!

We CANNOT wait to meet everyone who wants to enjoy this amazing weekend with us this August 22-24 hosted by myself, Heather Waxman & Katie Gagliano.

For updated schedule of the whole weekend click [here]!


We’ve also got some AWESOME company sponsors that are going to make this weekend one to remember for you all! If you haven’t noticed, our friends at VEGA are main sponsors of the retreat! SO excited!

More shout-outs to these other awesome companies for supporting this weekend of GLOW & other surprises to come as we get closer!




[Harbinger Fitness]


[HumanX Gear]


[So Delicious Dairy Free]


[Mamma Chia]


We’re looking forward to this! Have a great day!

Let yourself GO. Let yourself GROW. Let yourself GLOW.


Be true to you,

xo Kasey


Quote of the day :


So true, right? Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are truly learning as it always seems to prepare us for something in the future!

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  1. George Payne says:

    Hey it’s Sunday and. I am still reading Friday’s blog. What’s up. Pap

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