FUEL YOUR BETTER with Vega Sport & Powercakes! [Video]

May 13, 2014 -
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Happy Tuesday all! I posted a little sneak peek to an awesome new website that is launching TODAY from my friends at VEGA!


Today they launch their #FUELYOURBETTER campaign on their new VEGA SPORT site!


I think this concept is pretty motivating! When it comes to our personal fitness journeys, I think we can always strive to new goals or to a new “better”. I always tell clients that sometimes WE are the ones that stand in our own way when it comes to reaching our goals. Sometimes we’re afraid to embrace new changes or new challenges due to a fear of failure – but I think whenever you FUEL your body with ENOUGH food – you can truly embrace the next uphill challenge!

That’s where VEGA is coming in – to help YOU break through the top reasons why we may stop to reach our own better.


Your own better could be a mental state of mind. You may be used to only seeing that wall that you hit on your run or your swim when we could start challenging ourselves to focus on the finish line or the end of your workout because you CAN reach it.


FuelYourBetter.com also focuses on FUEL & top questions that you may have when it comes to what products may be right for you! Overtraining, stamina, muscle burn, body composition, motivation, hitting a wall, or muscle soreness? VEGA has you covered on their new site!

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I personally LOVE the Recovery Accelerator & it’s also a favorite among my clients! It’s a great combo of protein & carbs for your post workout REFUEL.


Soon, you’ll be seeing the story of a few of my lovely friends from Slippery Rock University who got to use VEGA Sport products to prepare for their first triathlons! I cannot wait to share these inspiring stories!

I’ve put together a video of different workouts I’ve been doing to not only work on strength, but also to challenge myself to find my own better. It’s so important not to compare yourself to others. Someone may be on a chapter 20 in their fitness journey and you may be at chapter 2 – BUT THAT’S OKAY! I think looking to people for inspiration, and not comparison, is so KEY to finding your own better.


Not only does “better” come whenever you work towards it, but also fueling your body with enough food to fuel your fitness is so important. Our bodies are like cars- and what do cars need? FUEL! Same for our bodies – I believe in balance of all foods & finding what you enjoy, but it’s so important to fuel your body so that it has enough energy to work towards your goals!



Be true to you,

xo Kasey


How do you fuel your better?

What is your current goal?

I’ve got the CMC coming up this weekend so I’ve definitely been fueling my body so I can perform better! Winking smile

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6 responses to “FUEL YOUR BETTER with Vega Sport & Powercakes! [Video]”

  1. Fab post, Kasey!
    I’m personally trying to get better at my nutrition to fuel my workouts! I’ve been having a lot of digestion and GI issues lately that have been severely affecting my runs/workouts so I’m trying to figure things out. Going back to eating the basics in hopes of resolving my tummy problems!!

  2. Stacy says:

    Hi Kasey! I am a huge fan of yours and just getting a blog up and running. I am also in Pittsburgh and feel like we have a lot in common. I think your post and passion about fueling your body is great. To answer your questions: I fuel my better with fresh vegetables and fruits, and lean meats. I do best when I avoid refined Carbs, and stick with all natural, whole foods. Nutrition is definitely where I lack the most discipline, so I would say it is definitely my main focus lately. My current goal is to eat clean and prepare my body for hopefully becoming pregnant in the near future and having a safe, healthy pregnancy while teaching, personal training, and teaching all of my fitness classes…we shall see!!! Keep up all of your great, motivational projects, and if you ever want to collaborate, I’d be so excited!

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  6. Vinz says:

    Jeg gle6der mig sindsygt meget. Jeg har ve6ret ounved glad for Northern Portrait siden jeg stf8dte pe5 dem via din blog. De liveclips man har set pe5 nettet lover jo ogse5 godt. De andre bands er ogse5 gode, men jeg me5 indrf8mme, at det var Np’s navn pe5 plakaten, der fik mig til at kf8be billet. Det skal nok blive en uforglemmelig aften.

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