Game Day Powercakes Family Cooking Video & Power Plate [Gliders]

February 2, 2014 -
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Happy Super Bowl Sunday all! Hope you had a great weekend so far. Before we get into some Game Day food – let’s talk about DAY TWO of the #PowerPlatesChallenge!


Yenory & I take turns posting videos by NOON to Instagram & The Challenge Loop App so make sure to be following both accounts so you don’t miss a move!

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  • JOIN by going to the website [here] and/or download & sign into the CHALLENGE LOOP APP!
  • The challenge will run from Feb. 1st-Feb. 28th, 2014!
  • All you have to do is follow the calendar of exercises for each day.

You can complete the move any time and post your image or video to the Challenge Loop feed as your entry.

  • YOU MUST post a picture, video, or details of your workout on the page at least 8 times for a chance to win!
  • The official challenge hashtag is #PowerPlatesChallenge
Today’s move is GLIDERS – start in a plank (straight arm or low plank for extra challenge) then glide your feet out & in on the plates. If you’re just starting out – the one leg at a time is a great option or also if you’re looking for another variation!
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The challenge today is to incorpoate these Gliders into your workout, post to the  Challenge Loop Site, & let us know how many you completed! There is not right or wrong answer and this is not about comparison! It’s about challening yourself & being proud to share.

Feel free to post to Social Media as well to get others involved & show your hard work!

We’ve got some AWESOME videos & entries already from DAY ONE!

This is just a small sample of the inspiration you will find on the site! So join us & be entered to win a HEAD TO TOE look from Under Armour Women!

Not only is it DAY TWO of our challenge but it is also Super Bowl Sunday! Recently you guys know that I shared with you some exciting news. I was picked to represent my city for the Rachael Ray Show Game Day Fantasy Foodball Contest. If your team made it to the final 4 – you were able to compete on the show for a chane to win a prize pack & your recipe featured!
Although I still love my black & gold Steelers, they didn’t make it to the final four. BUT in all honesty – my family & I has so much fun making this cooking video I couldn’t wait to share it with you all!
We made Powercakes to feed a crowd as well as 3 different dipping sauces; Chia jam, chocolate sauce, & peanut fluff sauce. A fun way to make a powerful snack for Game Day!
So you can see the video below & if you have the time to get to the end – a super funny moment happens with my 89 year old (almost 90 – birthday is Valentine’s Day!) Aunt Rita. I swear there is never a dull moment in our family.
Also – the audio goes out for a few minutes and it’s a bit hard to hear BUT it does come back perfectly – just wanted to let you know! Sometimes Technology is not always on our side ;]
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I hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday!
Be True To You,
xo Kasey
What are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday? We plan to hang out with Corey’s family & just relax! Love Sunday’s!