NYC & Civilian Military Combine 2014 Race Weekend Recap!

May 19, 2014 -
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Hey all! Happy Monday! I am now back from an awesome awesome weekend in NYC! Team Average2Athlete & Powercakes took on the Civilian Military Combine this weekend in the Poconos of PA. I flew out to NYC Friday night to get in the night before we road tripped to PA with my girls of Average2Athlete!


My usual airport essentials food & Under Armour Women Apollo Speed Form shoes for quick moving! First question I was asked from my seat buddy was, “are you going to workout?” Tupp full of food I prepared the night before to bring with me of an egg scrambled with veggies, old bay, & dill on top of garlic hummus, basmati rice, roasted beets & butternut squash delish while waiting to board.

Traveling through NY is always fun, unless you get carsick, then not so much. BUT we did pass the new NY Under Armour location that I definitely got a bit artsy with thanks to the rain drops!


Once I got into NY to stay with my girl, Kayte, she had to go teach a class so I ordered some dinner! It’s always so amazing to me that I can order something other than Pizza & Sushi where they bring it right to your door. In NY you can literally order from anywhere & it will be to your door shortly after!

I ordered from a place called The Organic Grill where I got a wild salmon burger on an Ezekiel bun with a side salad & raw dressing. SO GOOD!

10262261_467493740020735_246145202383459227_n (2)

A side of dill pickles is always a plus.

The next morning we were up at 445 am to get some coffee & snacks ready before starting our drive! I had some water, coffee, a banana, & a VEGA Sport Bar on the drive to the race. IMG_0031

Once we got there, it was time to sign in & take in the scenery. It was a beautiful day but kind of chilly! No rain was a plus though.


We were pumped to register! can’t you tell Winking smile


Also rocking the neon colors is always a good idea.


For those that may not know, The CMC is a race that starts with a 5 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of any division of your choice. Myself, Kayte, & Julia did the Delta Divison which is 5 min AMRAP of 5 Ground to Overhead (aka clean & jerk), 7 Burpee Over Box Jumps, & 9 Kettlebell Swings at 35lbs.





After the PIT, I was a bit shaky! We were the first heat so we were filled with adrenaline & nerves but it was so fun! The energy was crazy.

Once you finish the PIT, you have about 60 seconds to get to the start line of the 6mile obstacle course most UPHILL at the ski resort. The first obstacle may have been one of the hardest…you go right into a wave pool where you have to get through to a climbing net to get out.

The water was probably about 20 degrees or so…basically a polar plunge.


So you basically start out the race soaked & cold – awesome! ha, but it was still fun! There was a lot of climbing walls, hiking through creaks & mud, crawling (through SNOW at one point!!), & lots of running.

I love this picture of our team looking like we’re ducks in a row.












The race was awesome! We really worked as a team to get over obstacles & motivate each other along the way. I like that there were so many different things to challenge yourself with, aka the wall with no rope when you have to channel your inner spider monkey, but regardless – we were all up for a challenge and that’s exactly what this race proved to be. Thank you again to Sean Rodgers of the CMC to allowing us to compete & a huge shout out to our team who made this experience so fun!

Want to know one of the best parts, after the race & after 3 years of being blogger buds, I FINALLY MET JILL HANNER IN PERSON!


I had already changed & dried off and Jill saw me right after she finished the race, ran over, & we instantly just both jumped up & down before even hugging! Her beautiful blue eyes were exactly how you see them in pictures! Winking smile


Julia, Kayte, & Jill all know each other too through blogging so it was an epic meet up.


I was PARCHED after the race so I got my hands on my Vega Energizer as quick as I could – while Kayte got her post-race beer! Winking smile It was fun to hang out afterwards and see a bunch of people crossing the finish line; then our stomachs started to tell us how hungry we were. TIME TO REFUEL! We got back in the car to make our road trip back to NY & headed to one of their favorites places, Bareburger!


I ordered the California Grass-Fed Organic Bison Burger on lettuce and added lots of ketchup & mustard! Side of homemade fries & a root beer TOTALLY hit the spot!

photo (8)

The rest of the night we relaxed & had some puppy cuddles with our buddy Hudson! I was a sneaky photographer with Julia but couldn’t resist documenting this moment


All-in-all race day was awesome & I am so happy to have been a part of it with these inspiring people! The next day I got to experience some more fun in NY but that is coming up on tomorrow’s post!


Big thank you & shout out to CMC & Under Armour Women for sponsoring this trip – you rock & I am very thankful!

Happy Monday all – have a great one!


Be true to you,

xo Kasey



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