Friday Favorites!

September 7, 2012 -
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Hi all!
Before I move on, just want to remind you of the
PITTSBURGH BOOTCAMP I’m hosting this TUESDAY Sept. 11th!!
pgh bootcamp
e-mail me for more info!!

So this morning was a busy one!
got up around 7 to do some back/biceps
with POWER BLASTER like this one:

Every minute do;
3 Burpees
6 Push-ups
9 Jump Squats

Whatever time is leftover is your REST
until the next minute starts!

The Cardio Blaster was inspired by my girl @Kmaecags from Instagram!

buttttt, my workout wasn’t as powerful as usual
because I was up all night with a sore throat….
like, who gets sick when it’s 80 degrees out?

Anyway, I hardly get sick ..
(knock on any piece of wood you can find)
So I picked myself up, showered, made a POWERBOWL SMOOTHIE,
& then headed out the door to the Chiropractor!

Had an awesome adjustment, then headed to a business meeting!
Things are moving along & I can’t wait to fill you guys in soon! Winking smile

Then I stopped at my favorite place for lunch where you can build your own salad!
Music. To. My. Ears.
Now, I’m at work with plans on going home
and spending some quality time with my pillow,
a few cups of hot tea, and “Say Yes To The Dress” on repeat.

Sometimes our bodies just need to relax &
I definitely want to fight off whatever is eeking
(is that even a real word?)
through my body right now. merp.

So I figured since I have a few minutes,
I would share with you a few
Friday Favorites!

a new order came in!
Kelp noodles, drink packets, nutritional yeast,
coconut flour, spirulina, & a free sample of blueberry tea!

You can get $10 off your first order over $40
or $5 off any other first order with coupon code
XUG228 !

Power Snack of Banana topped
with healthy chocolate sauce & coconut flakes!


Had this post soccer game last night- where we won 8-5!
and another favorite of mine is when someone makes one of my recipes
within minutes of me posting a picture!! LOVE THAT.


Also, the return of the KABOCHA SQUASH!!
with a side of mahi mahi and  steamed brussels!

A little #FridayFashion for ya:
inspired by my girl TrulyJess

Shirt from Forever 21
& shorts from Target!
Belt: Mamacakes from an old 80’s costume!
which obvi I brought back to life.

I love wearing old pieces !
Maybe I should watch the word “old” when I use mamacakes in the same sentence;
She may get rowdy BUT she is fabulous in her fifties Winking smile

How about some #FridayFitness?


Over head plate lunges!
Just do walking lunges while holding a plate weight over your head!
(be careful, please!)
I used a 25lb plate and did these in between my squats
the other day with corey!

Great way to get the heart rate up & legs tight!

Also reppin’ the BNSHAPE teal tank with silver writing!!
cause I Red heart BNSHAPE!

So hopefully you’ll try out some of my friday favorites!!
I’m headed to REST AND RELAX!

Enjoy your friday!!

Have you ever tried any of my Friday Favorites?!