What Does “Be True To You” Mean To You? Via Jill Conyers

January 26, 2014 -
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Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday! How has your weekend been? It’s SUPER snowy around this area which is like perfect snuggle up with a blanket sunday weather – BUT I am actually headed to a hip hop class with my sister-in-law then a meeting! An Entrepreneur’s mind never stops – I swear!

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For today’s post, I wanted to share something that completely made my day. My friend Jill Conyers of JillConyers.Com shared a post titled, “What Does Be True To You Mean To You?” where she totally ROCKED the [Be True To You tank top] & asked her readers what that motto meant to them.

You all know that this motto is something I am so passionate about. I’ll never forget whenever I was struggling with truly just being true to myself & losing that fear of what others thought of me – I posted a picture to Instagram and I OWNED IT. I was typing up the description and went to add the hashtags & I remember thinking, BE TRUE TO YOU. #BOOM

Ever since then, it was like an energy inside of me confirmed that my motto was the words that I needed to follow & to help others. 

Seeing Jill’s Initial Post [here] where she wore the Tank Top with pride as she completed her P90X Fit Test – it made my heart so happy to see someone embracing the motto just as had hoped they would.

Jill runs the website JillConyers.Com where she speaks about all types of things but especially Fitness, Health & Happiness!

I couldn’t wait to share her post about “What Does Be True To You Mean To You” to not only highlight Jill’s answers but also the AMAZING responses by her readers!

Jill posted that Be true to you means to her…

  • acknowledge your strengths as much as you do your weaknesses
  • trust what you know and feel
  • recognize and appreciate your strengths
  • be open to the advice of others, but ultimately make up your own mind
  • being myself makes me a better me
  • following my own value system and common sense regardless of who might disagree
  • none of this is contingent on progress, perfection or success

I LOVE these pictures showing not only Jill’s strength but her beautiful smile. It is a true inspiration to see someone using fitness to be healthy, happy, & enjoying the process.

What an awesome up close shot of the Be True To You Bracelet! I am working on new ones – so stay tuned!

Whenever I scrolled to the bottom of the post I was welcomed by a list of motivational readers who shared what Be True To You means to them!

This motto is what I live by. SO often we compare ourselves to others or think we are less than because we are not doing something like someone else. We often get caught in the comparison trap – whether it be through social media, in a magazine, or in person.

One of my biggest tips is to take a deep breath, step back from this comparison trigger, and breath in to YOU. You were put on this earth to be you & spread your light & energy to others.

Jill quotes Dr. Suess which was so ironic because my mom just got Corey a card for his birthday with the same words…

“Today you are you, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is YOUER than you.”
– Dr. Seuss

I always say that we are guaranteed one relationship in our whole lives – and that is with OURSELVES. So let’s work to make  it a healthy one. Meaning, work on more positive thoughts to yourself & about yourself to make your mind happy as well.

With being inspired by Jill, I ask you all….

What does “Be True To You” mean to you?

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xo, Kasey