#bodyLOVEpgh Candle Light Yoga Event Recap!

December 4, 2013 -
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Hi all! Happy Wednesday! I came across this picture the other day and seriously am contemplating putting this as my background on my phone because it makes me laugh & laughing is the best stress relief! Winking smile


Like, how cute is this little guy? I sent it to my boyfriend this morning with a “GOOD MORNING!” text because there really is no better way to start your day than with a good smile.

I wanted to recap you guys about a great Candle Light Yoga Event I went to last night in the Pittsburgh Area! I am super excited that I came across this event because I was able to connect with so many others in the area who have the same passion as I do – be true to ourselves & finding that body love.

The event was run by Lindsey Smith, also known as “The Food Mood Girl”, who is a local author of the book Junk Foods and Junk Moods. After reading about Lindsey on her site before the event, I knew it would be great to connect with her!

Lindsey describes the yoga event as a “Fireside chat meets classical guitar concert meets Yoga” which was the perfect description.


The room was lit with lights, which is like my favorite thing ever since there is just something about the soft glow of Christmas lights that calm me down, and started to fill up with yoga mats from the participants.

Before we hit our mats, we circled around the room to check out the vendor tables!


BARRE spotting at the Co-op Table!
Love my girl Julia & her delicious bars.


Also got to taste this Himalaya spread – have you ever had this? It looks like Vegemite and honestly, tastes really good! They said you can find it at most local health food stores.

We also ran into my buddy and fellow FitFluential Ambassador, Joe, from Fittsburgh who runs an awesome website you should definitely check out! Pretty cool to be in a room full of passionate people that all want to help others lives a healthier & happier life.


The event was also sponsored by some of my favorites! Brad’s Raw Foods, LaraBar, NibMor Chocolate, & Primal Pit Paste! I’ve never seen the pit paste before and I am a fan. It’s a natural deodorant made with some legit ingredients. Pretty cool!


After an hour of connecting with the vendors, we got into some yoga led by the lovely Amy of Embody Natural Health. It was so awesome to do yoga to the background music of the classical guitarist. I could do this every single day – so relaxing!

I love meeting new people and was so excited that they were local too! We plan on getting together which I’m definitely looking forward to.

Lindsey has a similar passion to mine, to help others love their body & accept themselves for who they are. I loved her tweet this morning and it really summed up her motto from the event…

image Right? If we want to make a change, it truly starts from within. I just answered an email yesterday from someone who asked “how did you get to where you are now with a healthier relationship with food & fitness.” My response kept coming back to the choice I made to challenge myself to get past my own hang-ups or negative thoughts. I had to challenge myself and make that promise to myself to make a personal & internal change before it could carry over into my every day life.

Every day is a learning process and a new chance to figure out what works for us – but I truly believe that it starts from YOUR choice to dig within YOU to make the change – regardless of what the change or challenge may be.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

PS. Dairy Free Pumpkin Roll coming up on the blog tomorrow Winking smile get excited!

be true to you,

Red heart Kasey

Do you incorporate yoga into your week?

I started about a year or so ago and it truly helps in so many aspects – not only strength and flexibility, but the mental focus yet stress relief is something I really look forward to.