Tree decorating, weekend eats, & face pulls!

December 9, 2012 -
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hi all! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.
Started this morning off with some
Pandora Christmas Music & mug of Tiramisu coffee!

Perfect way to start our Sunday; especially with the
comforting lights of our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

Perfect in its own way!

Yesterday I spent the day Christmas shopping with the boy & his adorable mother!

I mentioned that Corey needed some Christmas spirit in his apartment
and she happened to have the most perfect little tree!

So after shopping, we spent the night listening to Christmas music & decorating!


Our first Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!

After that, I was starvingggg – I think a day of shopping is equivalent to a workout!
My metabolism was raging and I was so beat!


I refueled with some roasted brussels, asparagus,
carnival squash, & some home made veggie soup by Mamacakes!

I added a few TB of nutritional yeast to the soup for some added protein & vitamins!

I adore the cheesy-ness it gives!

One of my snacks this weekend while shopping!
Anyone else love pears as much as I do?


Or my new favorite, roasted carrots!
Especially dipped in hummus and then stirred into black bean spaghetti!


SO simple; just wash the carrots & leave them whole.
Place them on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees for about 35-40 minutes!

They go pretty well on an EPIC powerbowl!

You can see my POWERBOWL how-to here!

One of my new combos is to take Nori Sheets (seaweed sheets)
rip them up and add them to my greens mix as my base!


Then top with more raw veggies, kabocha squash, roasted carrots, raw sauerkraut,
creamy tahini nooch sauce with some added smoked paprika!


I’ve been embracing unplanned rest days lately.
Rest days meaning no work out for that day.

I’m enjoying life & this time of the year!

So I spent the whole day shopping & today I may squeeze in a workout later on!

Just going with it.

I keep my workouts consistent all week (without over-doing it)
so on the weekends, I really find my ME time.

I’m really learning to listen to my body and give it what it wants!

And if it’s more rest, more #plantPOWER, or more of a workout – I listen to it!

Now, if you are in the workout mode today –
why not try this Rear delt (back of shoulders)
and upper back focus exercise!



Just find a cable machine & set your weight.
You want to feel challenged!

Focus on pulling with your upper back with the handles coming towards your face.
Hence the face pulls.

Pull back and SQUEEZE your shoulder blades –
holding at the end of each movement.

Do it nice and CONTROLLED!
Slow & strong is totally fine!
Proper form is so important.

Try it out & let me know!

3 sets of 12-15 depending on your
choice of weight would be a great idea!

So tell me,
What’s your favorite go to fruit?

Have you decorated your tree yet?