Date Day Recap, Eats, & New Kettlebell Power Blast WOD!

June 22, 2013 -
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Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great week. Today I wanted to share with you my jam-packed Friday! The boy & I had an early Birthday Date (my birthday is July 3rd) since our schedules don’t match up around that time. A little background – we live about an hour & a half apart & Corey’s in grad school working towards his Master’s degree most nights of the week & works on the weekends so when we get a chance to be together, we usually try & do something fun yet relaxing.

We started our day with a gym date, of course!


I woke up, had a banana, & drank some of my new Sugar-Free VEGA Energizer!
This is delishhhh & definitely gave me a natural boost!


Corey & I did some back exercises & bicep work;
& I promise we didn’t plan our outfits matching.

My goal is to do a strict pull-up but I started the workout with
assisted banded pull-ups until failure for about 4 sets.
Working at those strict ones! Winking smile


We used Corey’s isolator straps as well for a few sets that REALLY dig into those back muscles!
FYI: That adorable sports bra is from Forever 21!
They have the best inexpensive workout clothes.


You know what I think is beautiful? Finding what fitness you love to do & enjoying it!
I’ve said before, I love it all but that doesn’t mean you have to love it all.

Find what you enjoy & get out there and move! That’s the important part Winking smile
We did a kick-butt back/bicep circuit and then finished with a POWER BLAST WOD.

I’ve been teaching Corey new techniques with Kettlebells so when we get a chance to work out together those are definitely involved!


& GO! with proper form of course Winking smile

*We both were definitely breathing heavy for this one but it was very effective!

*Meant to be a quick cardio burst at the end of a heavy lifting sesh.

After the gym we stopped by a farm stand to grab some local strawberries.


How gorgeous!? & very delicious!
Corey even said – wow I can really taste the difference in these strawberries.

I may have made a new recipe that I will be sharing this week.


After refueling, we headed to the lake to enjoy the sunshine!


*Tupperware of quinoa, hummus, veggies, & jicama fries!
finally made them – sharing that soon too!

Also munched on some dried fruit & VEGA seeds.


Perfect day for relaxing by the water.

After catching some sun, we cleaned up & headed to dinner!


Attempted a cute picture of the two of us before leaving but obviously failed.


We went to The Brewery & Corey enjoyed a sampler platter & I got a blush wine – so yum!


*Gluten Free Hummus Plate with Olives, Feta, Apples, & Honey Dijon Hummus.

I will definitely be re-creating this hummus – the combo was amazing!


*Portobello Mushroom salad with capers, homemade dressing,
veg, feta, & some of Corey’s french fries thrown in!

I have to say this tasted amazing & I felt perfectly fine after eating it… but, this morning my stomach was not feeling too great. #MERP

I’ve said before I’m not opposed to eating foods that I truly am craving or want to eat,
but sometimes my stomach is not on the same #betruetoyou page as I am.

BUT regardless, we enjoyed the meal & met up with a friend who helped snag a pic of us!


That friend I mentioned was my girl JEN!!!


If you haven’t met Jen yet – check out her inspirational Weight Loss Story [here]

She is currently down 110 lbs from her starting weight & has goals of a half marathon coming up!

She is so amazing & we talked for a few hours and came to the conclusion that she will be contributing to the blog here in a few weeks.
She is a talented writer and has such a great message to share so keep both eyes out for that.

It was a great day turned into night where I got to spend time with people that I am so blessed to have in my life.

As always, be true to you & do what you enjoy!
That’s what’s beautiful.


Red heart Kasey