STOP STRIVING START THRIVING BODYpeace New Years Challenge January 12th!

January 8, 2015 -
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Happy Thursday all! With the New Year often comes titles on magazines or social media like “drop 10 pounds by next week!” & “be lean in 2015!“. Without realizing it, these taglines put thoughts into our head that only if we “looked” a certain way, we’d have a better year.

Do you feel ridden with anxiety, fixate on body parts you hate, obsessively count calories, restrict your food intake, binge uncontrollably, compare yourself to other women’s bodies, eat foods to look a certain way, or deny yourself of food and exercise that brings you pleasure? If so, then we have two words for you: welcome home.

Heather & I are determined to help change mindsets with our BODYpeace Stop Striving (for perfection) & Start Thriving (by being yourself) in 2015!

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Many of you have asked for a BODYpeace challenge to ring in the New Year and so we made it happen for you. Join us starting Monday, January 12th, for the ‪#‎StopStrivingStartThriving challenge!

Heather and I spent YEARS experiencing all the above BODYshame symptoms and, over the past four years, have gone through a major BODYpeace transformation ourselves. And we want the same for you! Everything that we outline in BODYpeace is EXACTLY what we did to reach this place of freedom today. We want you to make 2015 your best year yet!

This is unlike any other New Years’ challenge out there, BODYpeace babe! This is a 30-day challenge in which you will go along with us for the BODYpeace ride. Heather and I will be by your side the whole way as you journey through the BODYpeace book yourself and receive daily tips, motivation, and inspiration straight from us! We’re here to guide you to finally reach that place of BODYpeace that you’ve been longing for.

Are you ready to STOP letting your obsessions with your body, food, and exercise run your life?!


  • Amazing daily challenges to help you release BODYshame and achieve BODYpeace
  • Accountability and support from the incredible BODYpeace community
  • Giveaways from some of our favorite companies!


  • Grab a copy of BODYpeace. Here is the link: (Ebooks are coming VERY soon too!)
  • Get yourself a special journal just for this challenge
  • Join the BODYpeace Facebook group Here!
  • All of the challenges, motivation, tips, and giveaways will be given to you right here, so make sure you’re in!

When you complete your daily BODYpeace challenges, you’ll be posting them in the community and on Instagram for extra entries! We will be using the hashtags #‎bodypeacemovement‬ and #StopStrivingStartThriving and don’t forget to tag us @heatherwaxman and @powercakes!

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Heather & Kasey Stop Striving Start Thriving

It’s always better with your girls by your side. Heather and I couldn’t have reached BODYpeace without each other. Its been a huge part of our journeys too!

Already finished the book or already in the middle of your BODYpeace journey? No problem! You can still join in the daily challenges no matter which day you’re on. We designed these daily challenges with all of you in mind!

Leave a comment below if you’re IN!

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Oh, and did I mention there are awesome prizes happening throughout as well from our favorite companies? HIYO!


Have a great Wednesday & be true to you,

xo Kasey