why NOT working out is OKAY; Inspired by Bex Life

September 26, 2012 -
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Hi all!!

Things are really coming together for the #plantPOWER CHALLENGE starting Monday!!
More details to come with that; my girl heather & I are plugging away.

By the way; super cool prizes for the whole month!!
like, I’m totally jealous…Winking smile


Saw this anonymous quote the other day and couldn’t wait to share.


“worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have.” – my motto today!

like I said before, I was having digestion issues last week;
I obviously made some changes in my eating to see if it would help
but found that I think it all boiled down to STRESS!

Honestly, stress plays a bigger part in our bodies actions more than we realize.

After taking 3 days off from working out over the weekend…guess what?

My body didn’t change.

I didn’t gain weight.

I didn’t lose any hard earned muscle.

if anything– I felt so rested & at peace with my body.

I focused on enjoying myself this weekend with really living in the moment!

I’ve found that sometimes I get caught up in the future
and things that haven’t even happened yet.

I’m going to try and really work on this.

My body felt so good Tuesday morning;
that I decided to do a nice 10 minute elliptical warm up,
& some chest/shoulder/tricep exercises before teaching my #TRX class!

I felt awesome; I took my time, focusing on each movement
& the muscles I was working!

I read in Oxygen Magazine, Tosca quoting her husband Robert with something along the lines of,

“Bringing your mind with you to the gym”

Which is something I never really thought about.
I have nothing against reading a magazine while walking on the treadmill;
some days that’s all I want to do.

But if you really focus in on what you’re actually doing;
not just going through the motions
it’s amazing how connected you feel to your body and the muscles you are working.

Mind/body connection is a powerful thing.

Don’t forget that if you have questions for Tosca;
check out this post & she’ll answer your questions Oct. 4th!

Fact: I’m really trying to live in the moment these days; hope you’ll try it out too!

Inspired by

“Why NOT working out is OKAY”


She is so #FitFluential Red heart

Enjoy your Thursday!

Live in the moment; Listen to your body.

Do you find that you worry sometimes about things that haven’t happened yet?

What do you tell yourself to feel better?

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24 responses to “why NOT working out is OKAY; Inspired by Bex Life”

  1. Love this! Makes me feel better about my decision to rest my body this week. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather…not sick but not 100%. So instead of waking up early and getting my workout in, I’ve focused on sleep and eating well. You have to listen to your body and enjoy life! Thanks for the post Kasey!

  2. Meg says:

    great post, love <3 thank you! I take three days off from the gym EVERY week!

  3. Jessica says:

    I completely agree. Sometimes you need a break for both the physical and mental. I think that sometimes a short few day break can put things in perspective so that you’re not putting so much pressure on yourself to always be on your “A Game”.

    I’ve gotten burnt out on running in the past and had to take a break – once I took a whole summer off from running so that I could appreciate it again. I had to miss it and want it again for it to be fun.

    Great post!

  4. Aubrey says:

    I just love you so much you are changing my life thank you for this I’m gonna email you a personal email hope you don’t mind!!!

    Thanks !!

  5. Great post Kasey! I have been having some major changes in my schedule lately and am trying to figure out how to make my usual workouts work. In the meantime I ended up taking 3 days off this weekend too and was really beating myself up for it, even blaming today’s workout which didn’t go so well on my days off! Thank you for showing me that sometimes rest is needed and it’s okay to not workout 🙂

  6. Katelyn says:

    Lady, I feel the SAME WAY sometimes. I’ve been SO STRESSED lately, and it shows up in my demeanor, my digestion (which has been SO wonky for the last three days — in between no appetite/feeling full all the time to feeling SO HUNGRY I CAN’T HANDLE IT), and lower-quality rest and muscle recovery. And you know what, sometimes it is SO IMPORTANT to take a step back and let yourself be. Not just be chugging along if your body AND mind are asking you for a break. And oftentimes this is so refreshing! To take the time just to relax and let go, and come back with a fresher mindset and happier body. XO LADY LOVELY <3

  7. Nichole says:

    I was just thinking this same thing today…..I need a short break. Honestly though I haven’t eaten my best lately and feel like I shouldn’t break from the workouts yet. But it is def something I think I need soooooon! Keep up the great work!

  8. purelylori says:

    Bex is amazing and so are you! great quote and oh so true! Gary always reminds me that being happy is a choice. I did to work on my stress, as I know it is so powerful in what it can do to the body! cheers to being more stress-free 😉

  9. Lisa says:

    Yes, I totally believe in living in the moment and connecting with your body. Sometimes our mind is telling us we must work out, when our bodies are craving rest. We need to adjust this mind to body connection and allow our bodies to speak to us instead of letting our minds take control. Especially is we are stressed, because exercise is a stressor, and sometimes its healthier for us to just rest!
    Love this post!

  10. Amy says:

    I absolutely agree about the stressed thing!
    It messes with not only your body but also your mind!
    Good for you for taking a break for a while and letting your sanity come back to you! 🙂

  11. Chloe says:

    What a great post! 🙂
    I’m going on a weekend away in a couple of weeks and all I’ve been stressing / worrying about is where the closest gym will be, the closest supermarket – so i don’t eat out all the time…what will I do if these options aren’t available!!
    I had to read this and realize it will not be the end of the world, and its also not all about me…its about the fun times i will have with the people I love and I am not going to feel guilty if I rest and enjoy.
    Truly a great post and an eye opener for people like me to learn to relax..sometimes we just need to hear it from some one else 🙂

  12. YAY! Oh my gosh, I love this. It’s exactly what we were talking about the other night! I can literally hear you speaking those words. I think we’re both learning that we’re still #FitFluential exercise-lovers no matter how often we work out. It’s about following the advice our bodies are trying to give us. That’s the best thing we can do for them. 🙂 You are just amazing!!!

  13. Madi says:

    Like pretty much everyone else has said, thank you for writing this! I literally just got back from a workout feeling so guilty because I didn’t push myself to go hard on cardio, but my body just feels so tired! So, I decided I am going to take the next two days completely off and see how it goes!

  14. Bex says:

    Um, could I love you more? Just got this in my google alerts and screamed to my husband “powercakes shouted me out!” xo

  15. This is a *great* reminder! I think it’s far too easy to get caught up in the every day stresses of life and get into the routine of doing things just because we “think” we should… I typically take a rest day every 4-5 days but a couple of days of rest sounds like a nice break 🙂

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