#PP What’s Beautiful? Declare YOUR goal.

October 14, 2012 -
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Hi all!
today for #plantPOWER it’s Clean treat,
I obvi got my dates confused and posted this yesterday!
so today I will post my #plantPOWER snack!
whoops! ;]
I’ve been loving GREEN SMOOTHIES
for a power snack to get me to lunch!
green smoothie
1 cup Frozen spinach, 1 banana,
1 tsp maca powder, 3 TB hemp hearts,
cinnamon, & topped with cacoa nibs!


So recently, I’ve been talking a lot about GOALS.

Like I’ve said in previous posts,
I am working hard to achieve my goals every single day.

Taking things day by day and step by step
to get to where I want to be, the right way!

That’s why I am loving my new motto –
For example:
I wanted to be a certified personal trainer so I can credibly help others.
and guess what, I went and GOT AFTER IT! Winking smile

A term we FitFluential Ambassadors live by every day.

It is so important to not only write down your goals,

Do you have a goal that you want to declare?

Are you looking for a way to keep yourself accountable to this goal
while having a HUGE community to support you in this?

Look no further than Under Armour’s  What’s Beautiful Campaign!

What is beautiful? Well, I did a video here

What’s Beautiful?

where I talked about what I thought was beautiful.
I initially was going to do the first challenge a few months ago;
but I became so busy with
student teaching that I didn’t get to finish.

but guess what, that’s okay!

Because I still was able to do my own challenge with my students daily!
For example, our “What Makes You Beautiful” zumba dance along
with so many other
dances & lessons!

sense a theme here?

I was even featured on the local news because of this!

Well, Under Armour has done an amazing job to
encourage women to get after their fitness journey
while having them share it, get motivated, & have an amazing support group!

oh, and free #gymSWAG Winking smile

Want details?

10 women will get flown to Florida
 um, yes please.

to work out with elite trainers, train,
receive nutrition advice, and spa treatments.

say whattttt.

Every week , Under Armour will giveaway Swag Bags
full of gear to women who are seriously challenging themselves!

Around November 6th, they will narrow it down to the top 20 finalists.

Then, around November 27th, we’ll announce the 10 winning athletes
who’ve documented the most impressive, motivated, and monumental stories.


Why not have this be your NEW YEARS goal!?

I am personally working hard to launch something I’ve been dreaming of
in January – this is MY challenge that I plan on conquering!

To challenge – is to change; for the better.

There is no catch here, it is totally free!
It’s up to YOU to declare your goal & take on your challenge!

It is open to residents of the US and Canada over the age of 13.

excuse my High School Musical quote but,

I am here to support you! Red heart

So DECLARE YOUR GOAL with Under Armour!

Also check out my girl Heather’s post!!

*FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.