Weekly Favorites! Food, Fitness, & Videos. October 13-19th

October 20, 2014 -
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Hi my name is Kasey, and I’m a sweatymess always. I was just telling someone yesterday that whenever I was younger, my mom always use to think I wasn’t working hard because I hardly sweat BUT NOW it’s like I’m a completely different human all together. Just training a client or giving a talk – sweating. Ha, I embrace it! Especially after a leg focused training day.

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Some Video Clips from Training this week:

Narrow leg press (legs close together)
Burpee Box Jumps
Weighted Glute Bridges
TRX Split Squats

Make sure to focus on driving through the heels for the presses, bridges, & TRX exercises.

Little clip of some deadlifts from this weekend something I’ve been adding to my training is pauses towards the end of my set. For example, I’ll use a lighter weight, do about 10 reps of deadlifts, then for the last 5 reps I hold at the bottom of the movement for 5 seconds before finishing the pull. These really burn out the glutes & hamstrings as long as your setting in with your heels. Make sure to also keep that back flat & core tight. I would say start lighter and then work your way up. I use this more as a burn out at the end of training ✨ if you can’t tell by my facial expressions, merp.

I did 3 rounds of as many rear delt rows as possible then moved right into dumbbell rows until I couldn’t row anymore. I think it’s important to challenge yourself (with proper form). If you can lift the same weight for dayssss – try progressing by a few pounds to challenge yourself!

My GNC ladies rocked some Elevated Mountain Climbers & Reverse Lunges in our last bootcamp!

Some other favorites from the week:

#1: Sunday Family dinner my favorite. Whole wheat pasta with grilled veggies tossed with olive oil & herbs. Props to chef Papacakes!


#2: Having TWO of your favorite people finally train together! My client Lauren has heard all about one of my besties, Jen. Lauren reached out & asked if they could meet and it was MUSIC to my ears! We had a training session meet up & it was awesome.


After they CRUSHED a morning training session we went out to breakfast – I got an omelet with veggies and avocado + side of delishhhhh toast.


#3: Last week we had a beautiful day for a #powerhour bootcamp! 80 degrees last Thursday in October? I’ll take it! Especially now that we’re in the 50’s.


#4: Breakfast for dinner. During the week I’m at the gym training my athletes, getting a workout in myself, & working on business – so my dinners are usually brought along with me! I’ve been swapping my savory meals for breakfast & totally craving pancakes & greek yogurt after my training. Perfect combo of carbs/protein to refuel post workout.


#5: When your favorite natural food store has samples of chocolate whoopie pies – how can you turn down?


#6: Dinner with the girlfriends over the weekend! Cheesecake factory Balsamic Chicken with sauteed tomatoes & asparagus! YES PLEASE. (please forgive the great picture quality – they had the lights way low!)


#7: Savory Breakfasts! I’ve been loving the Summer Kale Salad from Whole Foods, topped with roasted veggies, squash, & dippy eggs.


#8: Weekends spent with friends, family, & this girl….


My niece, Finley Rae! She is too dang cute and I love hanging out with her.

FullSizeRender (2)

She also loves my Dad as much as he loves her. So cute!

#9: Kicking off a Sunday morning for a great cause! Walked a 5 mile MS Awareness walk with Mamacakes & Pap! I love being able to be active as a family.


#10: Later that day, hosting a Fuel Your Body workshop! Thank you to my sister in law Angie for letting me host it at the Fitness Facility!

Pictured are some of the amazing attendees! We started with a group fitness power plates workout, followed by my workshop on my story & fueling your athletics, and finished with making Pumpkin Pie smoothies thanks to @VEGATeam’s Vanilla sport performance protein powder.

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We also had some goodies for everyone from some of my favorites companies like Under Armour Women, Vega, HumanX Gear, Harbinger Fitness, & Nutrex-Hawaii.


3 of my favorites! Vega Recovery Accelerator, Protein, & Electrolyte Hydrator!


#11: Being able to do awesome Google hangouts with my girl Heather!


MARK YOUR CALENDARS, #BODYpeace babes! THIS Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST, @HEATHERWAXMAN and I will be interviewed by the lovely and vibrant @girlbudgetlife (You can follow her YouTube Channel [here] to tune in live!) on all things BODYpeace!

Here’s what you can expect: The lowdown on why women still struggle with body image and food issues (it’s not what you expect!), exclusive tips and tools from us that are not in the book, and more! Heather and I are psyched to be able to help YOU transform your relationship with food and your body.  Mark your calendars and show us by sharing this image and tagging us with the hashtag #bodypeacehangout! All the deets are in the image above. We can’t wait to hang with you!

Here’s to another jam packed & passionate week! <3 Have a great one & be true to you,

xo Kasey







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  1. I also feel prettiest when I sweat 🙂 you look happy and glowing!

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