Weekend Recap & What’s Beautiful Core Challenge!

May 13, 2013 -
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Good morning everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! I was able to spend mine with my family, friends, boyfriend, & his family! I’m going to start off today with some rare photo opps from this weekend with the boy. Rare because we only see each other once a week or every other so usually we’re just relaxing and not camera ready! but you’ll see even with a camera around we still aren’t camera ready.



are we cute or what!? #sarcasm


I know this looks like I got engaged,
but I promise I would have already flipped out via twitter! haha Winking smile


Finally got a good one!

We spent the night playing with the new APP “Heads Up” which was developed for the Ellen DeGeneres show. Corey found it and couldn’t wait to play it with everyone. It was seriously so fun. I happened to snap a clip of Corey in the middle of round where we had to hum the song followed by him realizing I was taping it Winking smile

We also celebrated our one year anniversary this weekend & the boy totally took care of his girl by getting me some of my favorite foods! Does he know me or what?


We laughed because I truly am a simple girl & this made my day. This is also a great test completed because I was mentioning how I was craving PB Puffins the other day and the store was out so he saved the day! He also got me a book called “The book of us” which is a book with 150 questions about our relationship that we can start filling in! I can’t wait to sit down & start filling it out!


As if that wasn’t cute enough, he made my morning by making a good ol’ Sheetz run to grab me a coffee! Not sure if you guys have Sheetz around you but they have really great coffee! I added my own stevia & some coconut oil to make it creamy.

The rest of the day I spent with the family for Mother’s Day dinner & we enjoyed some grilled vegetables, gluten free pasta, & papacakes grilled up some shrimp! Like I’ve said before, I do enjoy sea food every now & then, especially with papacakes makes it! Can you believe I forgot to take a picture? We were all so hungry and I try not to have my phone by the dinner table while we’re eating so I forgot! BUT I promise it was so good & dinner was filled with some awesome conversations & catching up!


So let’s talk FITNESS! Today I wanted to CHALLENGE you with the #WHATSBEAUTIFUL campaign that I’m working on with FitFluential & Under Armour!


How it works:

On Monday’s I will be challenging the team to weekly challenges on my blog!

  • Create a profile [here]
  • Join TEAM TRUE TO YOU [here]
  • Use the [website] to upload your weekly challenge as well as uploading the UA challenges that they are hosting!
  • The [website] is where be where you can upload your progress along the way!

Today’s #IWILL Challenge: If you look under [Team True To You] there is an “Upload Challenges” button – click that and upload your favorite CORE WORKOUT to the COMMUNITY THROWDOWN.

Under Armour states,

“Turn Upside Down Tuesday. Failure Friday. You know the drill.

So keep it going. Post your challenges to the community here.

And keep each other going strong. “


Can you add in a new core skill that you want to work on today?

I love playing with handstands & holding myself up for as long as I can in between lifting sets. Maybe try stringing a few burpees together or hold a plank for a few seconds longer. Having a strong core is so important for everyday activities & performance in fitness. What will you do for an added core power boost?! #IWILL ________


Let me know if you upload your image to the site by also posting on [twitter] [facebook] or [instagram] by tagging me @Powercakes with hashtag #IWILL #WHATSBEAUTIFUL #FitFluential & show me your Community Throw Down upload!!




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