Tiesta Tea [Giveaway] Winner & The Abundant Life Group

August 13, 2013 -
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Good afternoon everyone! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday. I have to admit I am a big out of it thanks to 3 hours of sleep with a 3 hour time difference to start off, but that is no excuse not to have a great day! I have yet to really elaborate on a group I am involved in called the Abundant Living Resources group! Basically this group was started by my Grandfather, “Pap”, myself, my mom, our friend Brenda, Susan, & Greg. My grandfather, who is an inspiration on his own, thought of this group where we could travel around and give presentations about our areas of expertise. We all range in different backgrounds & together we can help YOU create an Abundant Life!

Instead of getting up in front of people to sell our services, we teach the group on what we know. My pap always said, what good is your gift if you don’t share it with others? We all do 10 minute presentations on a topic that we teach to the group.


This morning went so great & I am so proud of our team on our first presentation! I touched on nutrition, health, & hydration! I have to say with my lack of sleep, I was able to deliver & felt such an adrenaline rush. I love speaking in front of people, and I believe I was led down the Education Major pathway in college to be prepared for what I do now. I mean, in college, I spoke in front of my friends & peers every day…which is one of the hardest crowds to speak in front of in my opinion. I love to teach others & our group feels the same way. It was a great start to this morning & definitely felt full of abundance afterwards!

My To Do List for the rest of the day;

  • Make powercakes
  • Eat powercakes
  • Take a nap
  • Grocery Shop (we are out of like everythinggg from being away!)
  • Lift later on if I feel up to it – listening to my body!
  • Eat Kabocha
  • Sleep


Did I mention how pumped I am that I finally found kabocha in Cali?! Stuftmama was right, it’s EVERYWHERE there. So jealous! Mamacakes & I snagged up some squash on our second day in Cali to bring home. The weight of the two got me pretty close to my 50lb weight limit with my suitcase but it didn’t put me over Winking smile

photo_1 (3)

*Chop, spray or coat with coconut oil, salt & pepper (or any spice!)

* Bake at 375 for about 40-45 minutes until tender & DELISH.

The rest of the week I plan on catching you up on my trip to Cali, which you can see the recap of Day One [here] & Day Two [here], but today I wanted to announce the winner of the first Tiesta Tea Tuesday Giveaway!

CONGRATS to Alexandra!
I commented on your comment to let you know you won.

Please e-mail me Kasey@Powercakes.net with your information and we’ll be sure to get you your Tiesta Tea!

Thank you to everyone who entered! Red heart


Quote of the day:

The secret of making progress is to get started.
The secret to starting is to divide your complex,
overwhelming task into small,
manageable tasks, and then start the first.
– Mark Twain

Do you ever find that you get stressed over your progress or how far you have to go?

Why not break it up into smaller tasks, divide, & conquer!

Let’s not over-think things before they even happen.


Red heart Kasey