Summer 2024 adidas Top Fits!

June 27, 2024 -
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Happy Summer 2024 my friends! After blogging this many years, you all should know that summer is my favorite time of the year.

Things are busy as the studio which is so awesome, summer training is gearing up for my athletes, and Corey and I are doing our annual visit to our family in PA before it all gets busy.

With that being said, not only is summer time my favorite, but summer clothes are my favorite. When I can finally swap from leggings to shorts, it’s low-key life changing.

My friends at adidas make it very easy to keep up my *life-changing* apparel and I wanted to share those with you today!

  1. Matching Set – I’ve been looking into a cute matching set for so long and these floral details on this Floral Graphic Sweatshirt sold me. How adorable is this set!? Comfy and cute. The shorts that match are also super comfy.
  2. Essentials Rib Tank Top – I’ve been eyeing this one up for a while on the website and finally got one to try. The material is fitted yet super stretchy and would be cute for working out or to wear to dinner.
  3. Running Waist Belt – I recently just ran a 5k with some of our members from the studio and I realized I had no way to hold my phone and listen to music. Safe to say, I was bummed! I’d like to get back into running and thought this belt looked perfect to hold my phone so I can jam out.
  4. Women’s Shorts – ok ok let me tell you about these shorts. At first I wasn’t sure because they weren’t as “high waisted” as I normally go for BUT they have quickly become the shorts I’m grabbing for. They have built in shorts that don’t squeeze too much around the thighs and actually hit high on my hips for being 5’8!
  5. Adilette Aqua Slides – you really can’t go wrong with a pair of slides in the summer. I’ve been a soccer player my whole life so having easy slip on sandals has always been my vibe. I also love a neutral moment so these cream colored ones are adorable.
  6. Tech Bucket Hat – bringing it back to the 90’s baby! My friend had a bucket hat on the other day at the beach and I was like, that is genius actually. I’m usually in a hat but now I’m adding a bucket hat to the fam.
  7. UBOUNCE DNA Shoes – I fell in love with a pair of shoes last year and I was trying to find a pair that was similar and I will say these are pretty dang close! They are supportive but stylish and comfortable for me to wear while teaching classes all day.

If you try out any of these summer picks, let me know!

Enjoy your summer, friends!

Be true to you, Kasey

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