We Opened Our Own Training Studio!!

October 30, 2023 -
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After many years of ideas, visions, dreams, & hard word, we opened our own Studio!!

Let me introduce you to True Training Studio right here in Bristol, Rhode Island.

I honestly can’t believe we’re already 2 months in as time is truly flying by (especially when you’re having fun). 

We’ve put literal blood, sweat, tears, and hard work into this space and it wouldn’t even be a thing without my amazing husband, clients, friends, & family that have truly supported us along the way. 

Not sure they even realize how truly thankful I am for each and every one of them.

If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve always signed off at the end of each post with “be true to you” as “sincerely, Kasey” always felt a bit too formal for me.

The word true has always been something I’ve come back to whenever I feel like I might be doubting myself or doubting a decision….just come back to what feels “true” to me.

When it came to naming my studio, I had played around with so many different names and one day in the car with Corey I said out loud “True Training Studio” and we both looked at each other like yeah, that’s it.

We started putting the studio together, piece by piece, in July and opened our doors August 14, 2023.

(Outfitted in the best: adidas sneakers for on my feet all day, shorts, & crop tank).

To say this has been a full circle moment, is just the short version of this meant to be story.

When we moved to Rhode Island in 2015, I remember Corey and I saying “oh we’ll just be there for a few years and come back” but we quickly fell in love with the state, the people, and the small town community so having a “home” here just feels right.

As a Personal Trainer, you learn to be creative with whatever space you’re given. I’ve taught classes in parks, basements (thanks, Dana!), backyards, streets, driveways, over zoom, facetime, & in many gyms throughout the years. 

Every single one of those sessions was a stepping stone towards one day having a space to call my own.

At the studio we offer Personal Training, Buddy Training, Large Group Training, Small Group Training, Youth Athlete Strength & Conditioning, Group Fitness Classes, Fuel Coaching,Physical Therapy, Massage, & more!

Photos by Mikayla Pushor

I couldn’t be more excited to keep this journey going and can’t wait to see what another 8 years looks like surrounded by the most amazing clients and community.

If there’s one thing I can say to hopefully inspire someone else is to take the leap scared. 

(Slightly obsessed with this jacket to throw on to and from the studio).

You’re never going to feel “fully ready” or “fully prepared” to make a big change and there will be days of anxiety (many days lol) and doubt, but at the end of the night, you do the best you can, and I swear things flow into place.

Thank you all for always being a continued source of space that I can share my wins, struggles, and stories.

Be true to you,


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