Stop Striving Start Thriving Day One! #BODYpeace

January 12, 2015 -
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Hey all & happy Monday! Today is DAY ONE of the BODYpeace Stop Striving Start Thriving Challenge with Heather & Myself. If you’ve got the book, you will see that Heather does an amazing job days 1-15 taking you on a journey with yourself before I come in for days 16-30 and take you on a journey with food & fitness.

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I was just on the phone with Heather this morning and basically started off by saying, “you’re a freaking rock-star with words and you inspire me daily.”  I want to share Heather’s daily image posts here as well for you all to get a glimpse of the book!

We want ONE thing from you for the next 30 days: FOCUSED DEVOTION. We want you to stay focused on and devoted to your BODYpeace practice for the next month. What you focus on grows and expands. That is how the people you admire got to where they are! They chose to focus on one thing at a time and devote themselves to it. Now, for all you recovering perfectionists out there, this does not mean obsess over it. It simply means that you are holding the intention to not procrastinate on your BODYpeace exercises. It means that you will devote yourself to each day with a lot of self-compassion and devotion.

WHAT DO I NEED? All your need is your book, a journal, a pen or pencil, the BODYpeace website (, and an open mind & heart!

WHAT IF I MISS A DAY? If you miss a day, that’s okay! We know that other things in Life sometimes happen that need our focused devotion. No problem. Follow along with us and come back to the day that you missed after the challenge.

HOW DO I WIN THE PRIZES? Your focused devotion IS what will allow you to win prizes. If you devote yourself to the process, chances are better that Kasey and I will choose you as a winner.

WHAT IF I DON’T BELIEVE IN THE UNIVERSE? We don’t require you to believe in what we believe, and we never want you to do anything that doesn’t feel right to you. We just ask that you try it on for size. See what happens.

WHAT IF I FEEL ANXIOUS ABOUT / RESISTANCE TOWARDS DOING THE EXERCISES?: Do them! Resistance is part of your life’s experience, and when it comes up, welcome it. It’s a sure-sign that you are on the right path. We’ve learned that what you resist the most you need the most. So, sit your ass down, grab your book, and get movin’!

Day One: “Self-acceptance has nothing to do with accepting your body. It’s about accepting how you FEEL about your body.”


I LOVE THAT quote! Gosh, so so true. Then Heather proceeds to really hit home with this,

“What I learned is this: Food and exercise are perfectly healthy coping mechanisms. I use food to give myself energy and to make me feel radiant. I use exercise to strengthen my heart and mind, to help stagnant & stuck energy move through my body, and sometimes I use it to process anger or anxiety that I’m feeling. Exercise is an amazing coping mechanism for moving WITH your feelings. There is nothing wrong with that. HOWEVER, food and exercise becoming unhealthy coping mechanisms when you use them to escape yourself. That is the distinction that you are going to learn starting today.”

Ah, isn’t she amazing? I can relate 100%. Back when I was really struggling – I used fitness as a way to look a certain way & food as a way to look a certain way. Through this, I was totally losing sight of how my body was truly FEELING. I was focused on the outside instead of the inside.

Can you relate?

Day one is off to a great start and we hope you join in! Check this post to learn how.

Have a great Monday & be true to you,

xo Kasey