My tips for when you miss a workout & BODYpeace Day 2 & 3 #StopStrivingStartThriving

January 14, 2015 -
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Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope your week is going great.

Heather & I can’t get over how amazing everyone participating in the Stop Striving Start Thriving challenge is doing! Every facebook notification I get that someone commented in the BODYpeace group gives me the greatest feeling ever.

A topic that has come up a lot in our group has been that feeling of “guilt” we often feel whenever we don’t get a workout in that we originally had planned that day. This is something that I used to feel often, especially when I was addicted to 2-a-day workouts back when I was really struggling finding BODYpeace.

The biggest tips that I can tell people  1) listen to YOUR body & 2) Not every day is going to be ideal.

1) Listening to your body: 

Prime example would be me this Sunday! I usually take Sunday’s as a whole day off. Ever since I was a kid, I loved the feelings of Sundays that just go with the flow, enjoy a brunch with the fam, watch some football, & relax on the couch before we’re back to a new high-paced week on Monday.

And eat powercakes..


This past week, my schedule got a bit flipped around so I decided to schedule some deadlifts for Sunday at home. This past weekend was one of my best friends birthdays and we spent the whole weekend together – by the time Sunday came around, my body was tired from some later nights than usual.


As I was snuggled in on the couch Sunday morning, I asked myself – what is serving me most right now? Going downstairs & doing tired deadlifts/training or hanging on the couch, pinning wedding pins (hiyo!), & hitting those deadlifts tomorrow with even MORE energy than I would’ve had that day.

Relaxing won.

Why? Because I allowed myself to listen to what my bod was asking for instead of pushing it past a limit when I wasn’t in 100% condition to do so.


2) Not every day is going to be ideal:

When in life do we ever know 100% what is going to happen everyday? We don’t! The beauty of that is that we are often tested with control of our everyday lives. Some of the women in the group have explained that they had unplanned dinner plans come up with friends or a birthday dinner for a loved one and their “schedule” didn’t then allow for their planned work out.

When we let something “unplanned” cause stress in our day due to missing a workout, it’s usually because that sense of “control” was taken away.

My biggest tip for this is to tell them to go along with their dinner plans, skip the workout, and wake up tomorrow with the intentions of totally crushing their previous workout plans! ;] No, tomorrow is never promised, BUT we can take a deep breath, realize that we (god willing) have tomorrow, & get back in the gym when it works! Consistency is key with fitness – not obsessiveness. 

This past Sunday, I enjoyed my day of relaxing and then went over to Sarah’s parents house for dinner. I felt so much better after taking it easy & I even got to hang out with my new friend, Yardley.


Um, that face though!?!? She is too cute & I totally wanted to steal her from my friend Jess ;] I think we all did.

Alright, back to BODYpeace – my girl Heather has you for Day 2 & 3 of our Stop Striving Start Thriving Challenge –  so here is a catch up!

Day Two: With every breakdown comes a breakthrough.



I can’t even tell you how many times in my life I have had my own version of a “breakdown” thinking there wouldn’t be any good come out of it – and most often than not, I learn a lesson with a new breakthrough.

Heather says, “When you feel sadness at the beginning of your BODYpeace journey (it will come), it’s because you awaken to and start grieving this fact: For most of my life, I’ve re-arranged my identity to fit into a thin-obsessed world. This false identity falsely roots you into the ground, but as you pull this false identity of thin-ness up by the root, you feel that strong tug of resistance. Why? Because your ego TOTALLY doesn’t want you to let go of this attachment. But, you’re ready babe! That’s why you’re here.”


Day 3:  When I’m in a sate of BODYchaos, I ask the Universe to guide me back towards BODYpeace.


I love what Heather says here, “Discovery doesn’t mean that you’re broken. It doesn’t mean that you’re wrong. It doesn’t mean that you need to be fixed. It doesn’t mean that you need to strive for perfection. It’s not a word rooted in thinking there is still something to “strive for.” There isn’t a certain calorie count that you’re forced to hit. There aren’t a certain number of meals that you need to eat. DISCOVERY IS ABOUT GIVING YOURSELF THE FREEDOM YOU DESERVE. We want you to feel FREE to choose. Because in that experience of feeling free, you make choices rooted in BODYpeace.”

Ah, isn’t she awesome? I learn from her every day & her posts go directly with the topic on “missing a workout”. One of the BIGGEST things that we both say is that in order to go towards your own BODYpeace – you have to challenge yourself into the uncomfortable, go through with it, & then realize that you are still ALIVE and kickin!

Here’s what I mean:

1) You miss a workout

2) You continue with your plans of your dinner date or your rest day cause you’re tired

3) You wake up the next day & realize that you didn’t gain 100lbs over night because of it.

4) You see that this idea of losing control is what your ego is telling you. As if you don’t do a workout = failure or weight gain.

In the end, the more at peace you are with your decisions, after challenging yourself through them, the closer you are to your own BODYpeace.


Its not too late to join the #stopstrivingstartthriving challenge! Get your book or kindle version, join the BODYpeace FB community (, get a journal, and hop right in! All your daily challenges are in the FB group everyday. Giveaways coming this week are from our friends at KIND snacks! #bodypeacemovement


Have a great Wednesday & be true to you,

xo Kasey



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  1. Such great tips – thanks Casey! More people need to realize rest is just as important for our bodies as exercise. I’ve totally fallen into the obsessive realm myself, and when I slowed down and took more time to rest, I found peace AND more strength/greater fitness. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

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