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January 22, 2014 -
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Hey all! Happy Wednesday! Just wanted to start off by saying THANK YOU so much for the out pouring of support! Like I said yesterday, we wake up every day not knowing exactly what to expect. BUT it’s up to us to make the most of each moment.

The competition this week was if your team made it to the playoffs you could move on to make it to the live show to battle to win a fun prize pack & get your recipe featured. Maybe next year my Steelers will pull through & we’ll get some Pittsburgh Powercakes on the Rachael Ray Show! Still love ya Black & Gold!

The video my family & I put together was SO much fun to make so I will definitely be sharing that soon with you all & have a fun challenge for you guys!

It was amazing to see so much support from you all & my hometown for reppin’ the burgh & I promise to keep working towards my goals daily! You all keep me motivated & it’s so awesome. Thank you!

After a very productive day yesterday – I cuddled up with a mug of tea & some powercakes bars looking something like this…

Did you guys know that my cat does yoga? I couldn’t get over how hilarious she was being yesterday so I had to post this to Instagram. Let’s play – “where in the world is Abby’s head & tail?” It took me a while to even find her in this picture! Ah, she always knows how to make me smile.

So today is DAY NINE of the 11 Days Of Giveaways!!

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Today, my soul sister Heather Waxman is stopping by to tell us a little bit about her story & her AMAZING soul sessions Meditation CD. I tell you, this girl is moving mountains & has really followed her dreams. I just did a recent post about her here & I totally suggest you reading that to learn more about her.

But for now, I’ll let Heather take it away to share with you how Meditation saved her life & how you can win a copy of her NEW CD!!

Meditation saved my life. It sounds dramatic but it’s true.

I spent a large part of my life looking for happiness outside of myself. 

For eight years, I looked for happiness in food and exercise. I bounced around from anorexia to binge eating to overexercising. I also happened to be the queen of comparison and would stalk celebrity gossip sites, comparing my thighs to the latest glorified A-list “skinny celeb” or their emaciated arms to mine. I was so miserable. I felt like a hamster running in a wheel. I’d gotten the body. I’d eaten clean. I even had an amazing boyfriend and did amazingly well in school. But I was still unhappy. “What gives?” I thought.


The truth is that I had it all backwards. I looked out before I looked in. Sisters, we gotta look IN before we look out. Happiness and everything you want is already inside of you, waiting to be unleashed. That is what meditation has taught me. Talk about the best gift ever.

A few years ago, I hit my version of a rock bottom. My parents divorce coincided with the eighth year of my eating disorder, a college major in nutrition I was no longer interested in, and a breakup with my boyfriend, I literally hated every aspect of my life. I was out of fuel. So, I hit my knees (literally) and had my spiritual surrender moment.

I still had faith the size of a mustard seed inside of me, and that’s all we really need to create change in our lives. Just a nano-ounce of faith.

“If there’s something – anything – out there, I need help. Just pave the way for me,” I said.

The next day, I was guided to a metaphysical text called A Course in Miracles and it was the most amazing gift I’d ever been given. I started to study it and felt like I’d re-discovered who I was in a matter of hours. From that day on, I became a total meditation groupie and devotee to living life from a soul sister’s perspective. I dove in head-first and never looked back.
Meditation helped me to tap into the nooks and crannies of myself that I wasn’t even aware of. It helped me connect to my truth, honor my inner soul sister, and fine-tune what I now know is my vocation.

My dear, this meditation album is your personal roadmap to inner peace. I co-wrote and co-produced each track to give you a journey through your soul. I am so psyched to be able to give it to you. It has invisible heart prints all over it and you can just feel the love and spirit flowing through each track.

My intention and my hope for you is that you can take Soul Sessions with you everywhere – not just in the morning to start your day but before a date, before a big meeting at work, in the bathroom (hey, we all need a breather in the stall sometimes!), in the car, etc. You can literally take it with you everywhere and it will help you quickly reach a state of inner serenity and re-connect to the true purpose of your body, which is to be a vessel of love, kindness, and compassion.

I’m stoked to be able to give away FIVE digital downloads to some of you!

If you’re antsy like me and can’t wait another minute, you can download your digital copy of Soul Sessions [here]!

Sending you lots of love.
Stay lovely,

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Be True To You,
xo Kasey