Saturday Soul Sessions with Heather Waxman!

January 4, 2014 -
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hey all! Happy Saturday! Anyone else in the freezing temps? I think it’s a high of like….10 or so today? Merp! I’m jealous of anyone in the sunshine weather! 

With the new year means new goals & my soul sister Heather Waxman and I are currently working on a huge project for you! We spoke on the phone yesterday and set a timeline since this will take a good few months or more to complete. After our great talk yesterday, I woke up with a song in my head this morning…as I’m walking around the kitchen getting my breakfast together I realized that I was humming one of Heather’s NEW songs from her meditation Album, Soul Sessions!

A few months ago Heather started a kickstarter campaign to raise money to produce her dream album and with the love & support surrounding her she raised her goal amount and now has an album on iTunes! How inspiring is that?

A perfect example that you ALWAYS need to keep pursuing your dreams in life.

I swear her words always hit at the right time. She often will shoot me a text with a quote or words she thinks I need to hear and 100% of the time is goes right along with something I am going through or in some cases…things that happen days later. Talk about soul sisters? Yup, I found mine.

When we first met, we always knew that one day we’d collaborate on something epic. Our minds are always going with new ideas. 

We come from similar backgrounds, both struggling with eating disorders at points in our lives. Although our stories are completely different – it all comes back to a similar feeling. 

We believe our goal is to help others who may be struggling with outside factors to really look INSIDE to find the route of these thoughts.

So often we focus on outside things like food, fitness, relationships, or jobs to make us feel whole & almost coat over the internal struggles – when really, if we change that process to work on ourselves from the inside out, the healing will truly happen in all areas of your life.

When Heather truly started being open about her love for meditation and how it helped her get through some hard times in life, I was so interested to try it out for myself.

I know that a lot of us struggle with the idea of meditation because the struggle to find that “still mind”. It’s hard to get our minds to quite down with the busy lifestyles that we live and always thinking of what next to cross off on our to do list. 

Heather always stresses that fact that it all starts with the moment you try. It doesn’t have to be a deep meditation for 2 hours or even 1 hour- it can literally be 30 seconds where you just focus on taking a deep breath & letting your thoughts just take a break.

You’ll find that if you start to challenge yourself each day with it – you may even get to a point where you can really calm your thoughts and let other thoughts flow in.

Some of Heather’s best ideas or Soul Scripture come to her while she’s meditating since her mind is truly at peace at that given moment.

The other day I was asked by Kammie at Sensual Appeal what was my biggest lesson that I learned in 2013?

Heather & I both focus on staying true to ourselves & hope that it inspires you to do the same. 

With Heather’s album, she starts singing with music to truly put you into a calm state; then she gets into the guided meditation. I challenge you to check it out & see what it can do for you. The way she talks you through everything will make you feel more supported and know that for those few minutes – you’re not alone. 

I love to start out my mornings with one of the songs to kick my day off focused. So don’t forget to check out & Download Heather’s SOUL SESSIONS album and experience something new for 2014!

I’m off to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my girlfriends for my friend Courtney’s wedding! 

Have a great Saturday & be true to you!

xo Kasey

Have you ever tried meditation? 

Definitely one of those “be true to you” things in life where finding a way to do it that works for you is key! Even if it’s a deep cleansing breath that I promise to take every day – it’s a step in that mind “resetting” & “refocus” direction.