Some things that never fail me + a surprise gift!

August 17, 2013 -
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Hi all! Hope you had a great start to your weekend!

A good workout never fails to start off my day in a positive way (That was a Dr. Seuss sentence if I ever typed one). Had an awesome Leg Day sesh with  hard working ladies, Jenna & Emily!


We incorporated weighted walking lunges in between sets hamstring curls. This could also be done holding dumbbells in each hand or a plate overhead. Awesome workout with these hardworking ladies great way to ‪#‎buildthatbooty‬ & get your heart rate up! Winking smile 

While we did legs, the boys did some shoulder work! Afterwards, we stopped by Eat n’ Park to #REFUEL with some eats.


2 poached eggs, veggies, with a side of oatmeal, fruit, & extra cinnamon.

(I swear they have the best steamed veggies. Child hood memories right there)


After a productive week, it was fun to get into the gym with my ladies & I definitely plan on relaxing the rest of the day.

Isn’t being productive such a good feeling? Especially after coming back from traveling & getting caught up! Checking things off my to-do list never fails to relieve my busy mind & you feel so liberated once you accomplish your goals for the day or week!

Something else that doesn’t fail me = Coffee.


Well hello to youuu mister caribou.

A little afternoon iced black coffee pick me up from Caribou Coffee yesterday!

Speaking of being productive, yesterday I had 2 business meetings followed by a networking event all before 2pm! I love walking around the city in this beautiful weather.

YOU truly can follow your dreams if you really want to. Put in the effort & make some strides towards those goals! With each passing day & business meeting I am more & more motivated to keep creating my vision & going after it. Some things take time & I know fear is a hard thing to overcome BUT don’t be afraid! Sometimes the only person holding you back is yourself! Changing my thought process to more positive thinking never fails to make me feel better.

What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?

A question I always ask myself in times of doubt.


My POWERBOWL never fails to nourish & fuel me.

*base of greens & kale massaged with lemon juice , nutritional yeast,
Dijon mustard, pepper,
kelp seasoning & hummus.

Topped with chopped veggies roasted peppers,
olives, green onion, fresh basil , &
hemp seeds.

(Some of these can be found on coupon code XUG228)


Another thing that doesn’t fail me is my boyfriend’s ability to surprise me. And no, we’re not engaged! Winking smile BUT the way I reacted to this thoughtful gift people may have assumed we were. This summer, with me traveling & Corey busy finishing Grad School, we probably get a chance to see each other every couple of weeks. At this point we’re used to the distance and we truly do just fine! It also makes it that much more exciting to see each other to catch up on everything that has happened while we’ve been apart. Last night I came to visit him & he couldn’t wait to give me a surprise gift.


Brownie” points were scored for Mister Corey Brown with this one! He had a friend of his, Gary Vargo, hand paint my Powercakes Avatar for me! I was so surprised & was squealing like a little girl. As if it ‘s not noticeable in my cheeeeeese face above!


Be True To You Bracelet + My Powercakes Avatar = Perfect Combo

A BIG shout out to my wonderful boyfriend & to the artist behind the painting, Gary! I found out that he was a high school art teacher for over 30 years! Which is obvious with his attention to detail & amazing skill. I actually called Gary today to say thank you & asked if he would sign it. I told him what an amazing job he did & I can’t wait to show others.

Now off to take a walk with the boy on this beautiful day!


Red heart Kasey

Anyone else get a good workout in this morning??

What’s something that never fails you?

**I have to say that my powerbowl combos are
usually legit unless I somehow make some
horrible combo but with veggies you can’t go too wrong! Winking smile