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April 26, 2012 -
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Hi all!
I hope you’re enjoying your day!

Update: I’ve been loving student teaching lately…
I introduced Yoga & Zumba to the students and they are LOVING it!

That also means that I am teaching 5 30 minute Zumba classes a day
along with an after school class that the students requested that I teach!

I definitely am beat at the end of the day but I love it!

I also squeeze in some lifting during my prep period ;]

go ahead, call me crazyyy.

 I will be posting about that experience and sharing some of my ZUMBA videos!

Anywayy; Just wanted to say thank you so much for the CHIA JAM filled POWER MUFFIN love!

I just have to say that it’s amazing when you all go out
and make one of my recipes the DAY I post it!

Check out my girls version of my muffins into bars!!

So since I switched from my old blog to this one;
I think some of my new followers may have missed some of my CLEAN RECIPES
that I posted way back in the day ;]

I wanted to bring back out my Stuffed Cabbage Power Bake
because I made something similar the other day,
which I CAN’T wait to share with you all!

so here it is!

Stuffed Cabbage Bake

Preheat oven to 350 Degrees


1 lb of 99% Lean Turkey Breast

1 cup of Frozen Diced Onion

Olive oil Spray

Brown the turkey meat on medium-high heat with the onions until cooked all of the way through.

Meanwhile; mix together
1 can a piece of no salt added:
Tomato paste
Tomato Sauce
& Diced Tomatoes


With 3 tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast (optional)

I also added a little Italian Flair ;]
Basil, Oregano, Sea Salt, & Pepper

Next, take a bag of Shredded Cabbage
& spread it out at the bottom of the baking dish

Then add the browned turkey/onion mix


Next, add the Sauce mixture on top
& the rest of the cabbage mix
*At this point, you can add 2 cups of cooked Brown Rice to the mix,
but I personally left it out, but feel free to add it! ;]

I originally was going to keep it layered,
but I ended up mixing everything together in the pan!
Cover the pan with Foil & Bake for 1 hour
After an hour, take the foil off
& bake for 20 more minutes


*It should look like this! :]

For a meal I took my Cauliflower Mash
& put some Stuffed Cabbage bake on top! ;]


*And paired it with some Green Peas!

You know I love my clean recipes ;]
Hopefully you enjoy!!


Have you ever tried turning your favorite meals into clean ones?