Cauliflower MASH


I swear, they taste JUST LIKE mashed potatoes!!
2 heads of Cauliflower
1 Box of All Natural No Salt Added Chicken Stock
2 TB Non Fat Greek Yogurt
3 TB Nutritional Yeast
(sea salt & pepper)

1) Pour whole container of stock into a pot
and add 3 cups of water as well.

 2) Chop up Cauliflower
 3) Add Cauliflower to the Liquid & bring to a boil
 4) Boil until tender – about 12-15 minutes
5) remove from heat, & pour out the liquid into another container!
(don’t throw it away)
6) Put Cauliflower into a blender with
about 1/2 cup of Stock

7) PULSE the mixture!
(you can also mix it between pulses until it turns into a
mashed potato consistency!)
 8) Move into a bowl and stir in Greek Yogurt,
Nutritional Yeast (optional), & Seasonings!
 *Side note: I do love coffee, but I did NOT add it to my mash!
ha, it just happened to be right next to my work area ;]

 9) ENJOY!!
You could totally eat this right away,
but I put it into the fridge & it was SO GOOD the next day!!