June 8, 2012 -
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Hey guys!
I am SO PUMPED that I have so much participation for my


You are all blowing me away!Winking smile

Lately I’ve been super busy helping
my future sister-in-law re-do her fitness center!


yup, with the help of one other worker, we moved all of that.
Who says girls can’t lift heavy!?
& I’ve totally been refueling with a little
PB& Chia Jam Topped
Chocolate Coconut Flour POWERCAKE


Oh, & a large side of starbucks iced black coffee
with a little organic half/half & stevia!


Anyway, with all of that going on,
I still have totally been paying attention to all of my tweets, fb messages,
instagram images, & e-mails to pick a top 5 of the MOST CONSISTENT

& thanks to JULIA from BARRE
we will be sending this one deserving person a free box of their new flavor!


It is a coconutty greens bar and is super yummy!
These are sold at Whole Foods, If barre is not carried at your readers’ Whole Foods
(or other store for that matter), you can request it!
Just print out the
Barre request form and take it in to customer service.

So today’s TOPIC is PRE-WORKOUT!
It is so important to FILL your EMPTY tank
with some sort of small pre-workout fuel to
POWER you through your workout!

A great way to do this is eat something with natural sugars (carb) for energy,
a little protein, and a little healthy fat!

With the ingredients being
dates, walnuts, pecans, agave nectar,
hemp seed, rolled oats, hemp protein, ground flaxseed,
dried coconut flakes, brown rice protein, spirulina,
vanilla, sea salt, & peanuts!

All natural & SO GOOD for you;
The perfect pre-workout boost!Winking smile

I met Julia a year ago at a Women’s Health Food Tasting.
We got to talking and instantly got along!
We both had a passion for healthy eating & cooking.
We talked for hours about her story, my story,
& how I wanted to start a blog!
(She was so excited once I finally did)
I really wanted to share with you all her bars because
they are SO good & SO healthy!
Here is their story:

“In February of 2010, I went to my kitchen and drew upon my years of food knowledge
(and a foodie penchant that compelled me to cook up something sublimely yummy)
to create a healthy snack perfectly suited to my job. Using only simple ingredients
found in my cupboard, I came up with the first version of what eventually became Barre.
Back at the studio my friends and colleagues tasted my new creation and eagerly inquired as
to where they could get their hands on some. It was my light bulb moment—I needed to share this!”


“Ballet is an exacting science and demands incredible attention to detail—
it is not only an elite-level sport but also a highly refined art.
An appropriate energy source for such an activity requires no less
attention to detail. When I set out to create Barre I did so to address my
exacting needs as a dancer: it had to fuel me without weighing me down,
it had to be sustaining yet easy to digest with the proper mix of nutrients,
it had to contain only the finest all-natural whole foods, a
nd, of course, it had to taste sublime. Basically, it had to be just right.”

I can totally relate to them when it comes to
finding healthy alternatives to FUEL your body!!

You can read more about their Mission & Story here!
So today…I’m giving away a BOX of their new FLAVOR!!

They also have other flavors on their website!

Ingredients :
dates, agave nectar, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seed butter
(sunflower kernels, sunflower oil, molasses, salt, citric acid),
cranberries, cocoa powder, hemp seed,
hemp protein, oats, ground flax seed, brown rice protein,
sea salt, peanuts.

  • Ingredients

    dates, walnuts, pecans, agave nectar, hemp seed,
    rolled oats, hemp protein, ground flax seed,brown rice protein,
    vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt, peanuts.

So tweet me, instagram me, facebook me, e-mail me
& show me your favorite PRE-WORKOUT FUEL!

I will be announcing the winner on tomorrows post!

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Also, keep an eye out because I’ve got a few more things
up my sleeve this month to reward you guys!Winking smile