Power Plates Challenge Day SIX! [Lunges]

February 6, 2014 -
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Hey all! Happy Thursday!

My cat is getting involved more & more with our daily activities – especially the Power Plates Challenge!

She is truly something else.

This morning I took a kick butt Spin Class (working on that Half Marathon Conditioning) & I literally was drenched in sweat. The instructor’s energy is contagious & I love it!

I then filmed some Plate Walking Lunges, had to run a few errands, and now refueling with some French Toast & Coconut Milk Latte as I type this! Yes please.

I am loving these pictures and videos of you all crushing the challenges each & every day!

Are you ready for DAY SIX of the Power Plates Challenge!?

Today is Lunges & there are multiple ways you can do them! Today I am showing some Walking Lunges with the plates.

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Multiple ways you can do this:

I chose to do walking lunges where I just used one plate on one foot and lunged with the same leg across the room.

1) Choose a leg to designate as your plate foot then step forward the opposite foot (non-plate foot) to lead the lunge.

2) Make sure to plant that heel down on the lead leg.

3) Next, pull your back plate leg up to meet your lead leg.

4) Stand Tall and then lead again with the same (non-plate) leg.

5) I challenge you to do 10 on each leg for multiple rounds to really work on strength, balance, & getting that heart rate up!

6) Also make sure to keep the core tight & use your arms for balance!

*You can also do alternating walking lunges with plates on both feet.

– I recommend keeping your heel off of the plate (shown at the end of the video) so you can plant your front foot with proper stability for each lunge.

Yenory & I take turns posting videos by NOON to Instagram & The Challenge Loop App so make sure to be following both accounts so you don’t miss a move! – you can also still join in!


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Have a good rest of your day & stay warm!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey




Are you a fan of spin class? Even if you don’t do spin – isn’t having a great energetic instructor so motivating?

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3 responses to “Power Plates Challenge Day SIX! [Lunges]”

  1. teri says:

    hey power cakes, I sure would like to see the video of the day for the power plates challenge. However my phone doesn’t always allow me to view these from the challenge loop website. At any rate, if you could put them here on your power cakes website, I could easily view them. Thanks so much.

    • Kasey says:

      Hi Teri!! I may be a little confused as to what you’re asking as each day so far this month I have posted a video from youtube on my posts so are you saying you can’t see them on my blog? Just making sure I can help you out! 🙂

  2. […] owns the VALSLIDE company which I LOVE for all things fitness. I’m a huge fan of using paper plates to workout with on the floor but the Valslides take it one notch […]

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