June 19, 2012 -
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hey all!
So I wanted to share with you that

loving my new tank from BNSHAPE clothing!
Definitely check out their website for awesome workout clothes,
because who doesn’t love being in shape!?
(you can check out my interview with them here)

My arms having been progressing
& I’m sure it has a lot to do with today’s

Now we all that PROTEIN
is super important for our bodies!


Here I talk about using POWER FUSION after my workout!

So I found a little bit about protein to share with you:

Protein is a part of every cell in your body,
and no other nutrient plays as many different roles
in keeping you alive and healthy.

The importance of protein for the growth and repair of your muscles, bones, skin,
tendons, ligaments, hair, eyes and other tissues is proven since a very long time.

Without it, you would lack the enzymes and hormones you need for
metabolism, digestion and other important processes.

Your body can use protein for energy, if necessary,
but it’s best to eat plenty of carbohydrates for that purpose
and save your protein for the important jobs other nutrients cannot do.

Pick Your Protein Carefully

Your body needs many different proteins for various purposes.

It makes them from about 20 ‘building blocks’ called amino acids.

Nine of these are essential amino acid,
which means you must get them from food.

The others are nonessential. This does not mean you do not need them.
You just do not have to eat them because your body can produce them.

It is easiest to get protein from meat, chicken, turkey, fish and dairy foods.
Cooked meat is about 15 to 40 percent protein.

Foods from animal sources provide complete protein,
which means they contain all the essential amino acids.

Next to meat, legumes – beans, peas and peanuts –
have the most protein.
But they are called incomplete proteins
because they are lacking some essential amino acids.

You can get complete protein if you combine them
with plant foods from one of these categories –
grains, seeds and nuts, and vegetables.

Eat any two or more of these plant foods,
with or without beans and you get complete protein.

One of the most important times to get PROTEIN
into your muscles is right after a work out!

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GOOD LUCK!Red heart