Updates: Are you ready for a new Challenge?!

September 26, 2012 -
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Hi all!
Although I’ve got a ton going on with starting my business…more to come on that soon;
I‘ve been itching to do another CHALLENGE!

So far I think the other challenges have been pretty successful!

Powermeal A Day Challenge in June


Recipe Challenge every Sunday!

I wanted to do something similar, but like I’ve said in this VLOG
about my decision on eating more plant based recently
to try to figure out why I’m still having digestion issues.

I’m teaming up with my vegan girl HEATHER from
to bring to you

Totally took this from Heather’s post; but I LOVED IT! Winking smile

“Are you guys ready to eat your beautiful bodies off?!
Have you been wanting to incorporate more veggies into your lifestyle?
Have you found yourself saying something to the effect of,
“Damn, I’d totally eat more plant-based if I could find the mojo to do it.”

Well, look no further, fine friends!

Heather and I are teaming up to bring all of you a #plantPOWER
challenge for the month of October!
It’s going to be amazing. There will be a ton of plant-based prizes involved too!

The challenge will be launching on Monday!


The more you participate, the more you fuel your gorgeous body with energizing plants
and the more likely you are to win some bomb prizes.

Fact: Heather & I  talked each other’s ears off for an hour and a half the other night
and we’re so, so excited to bring this to all of you!

It’s going to ROCK and we can’t wait to see all of your tweets and Instagram pictures!”

So, keep an eye out for the image & more details later this week!!

Another awesome update;

2 of my inspirations, Coach Rita Catolino and Tosca Reno
are hosting a live-chat on October 4th on

In preparation for their event they would like you
to submit your competition related questions on her blog post!

Tosca Reno is 2 weeks out from her next Competition;
She has been a huge motivation to so many people, including myself!

For those who don’t know,
She is competing in honor of her husband, Robert Kennedy!

Every time I pick up Oxygen Magazine
I am truly inspired by her words & the words of her husband!

Right after his passing, she turned this negative experience into a positive one
by deciding to better herself & her fitness by competing again
and telling her story along the way!

Leave a comment on her post or tweet @toscareno #competitionchatlive with your question.

how adorable are they? LOVE IT!

Tosca Reno

So don’t forget to
for October 1st & 4th!

Red heart

& keep an eye out for more details on #plantPOWER;
we plan on posting some plant based powerfoods
to help you with the challenge!