Our BODYpeace BOOK IS HERE! + North Hills High School Body Peace Movement Video Premiere.

October 1, 2014 -
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Goooooooood afternoon all! Today is the DAY! Our BODYpeace book is now available for PRE-ORDER!


I honestly can’t (and can) believe that when Heather and I first met (about 3 years ago) and sat down saying to each other…one day, we will do something epic as a team. A year ago, we set out to write our first book on a topic that we were both so passionate about – BODYpeace.

We knew we would complete this project – it was just a matter of time before it all truly came together.

I’ll be the first to tell you, writing this book was not easy. I remember sitting down to my computer, staring at a blank screen, and literally having an internal panic attack. HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU WRITE A BOOK!?

After my mini freak out (I had to keep it internal since I was posted up at a coffee shop), I took a deep breath and started reading my old posts on my blogs. Posts where I truly poured my thoughts through my fingers and right then, I was inspired.

These topics that I am passionate about like fueling your body, not restricting it, not being afraid of certain food groups, & many more – came flooding to my brain. THAT was when I knew what my role would be with this book.

Heather&Kasey 092

Heather and I both come from a place of disordered eating – and both struggled in completely different ways. Personally, mine was through fitness & food. Is it ironic that I am a personal trainer? Absolutely meant to be. I want to share my stories and I have a passion to help others through fitness & food, not go down the same path that I did.


We have goals to travel, speak, engage with women of all ages who may be on their own #BODYpeace journey, and just as one of my mentors, Todd Durkin would say – make an #IMPACT.


I am also pumped to share with you a video that I’ve been anxiously waiting to post! If you recall a few months back I had the chance to host a Be True To You workshop at my local high school where I attended and also taught at. The support of the community & school was amazing. You can watch the local news recap [here].


That day was not only one of the most amazing days of my life – but I also let the girls in on what was up & coming – BODYpeace! One of the students, Brandi, is super talented in film & captured the whole day by putting together this amazing recap with Heather’s beautiful song, BODYpeace.

Inspired by Katie, I had each girl write a letter to their body. Apologizing on one side for something they may have said & then thanking it on the other side. This turned into 70+ high school students & teachers getting in-front of their peers & students, being totally vulnerable & honest, & sharing their feelings with everyone. Talk about POWERFUL.

Like I said, one of the best days of my life. All of these ladies have a special place in my heart.

One of our goals is to travel to other schools or facilities to do this – if you know of someone, a school, or a university who could benefit from this workshop, please contact us! Kasey@Powercakes.net

Through BODYpeace,  you are guided through 30 days of creating a new relationship with yourself, your body, and food.  You’re led through 15 days with Heather to start off to really work on your relationship with yourself. Then I finish out the 15 days with 15 recipes to guide you through your relationship with food, inspired by “fear foods” and how food is fuel – not to be restricted. We are pumped to start this journey with you & work our butts off with the#bodypeacemovement.


On top of the book, we have BONUS content coming your way – involving some workouts & mediation (wink wink!). All of this wouldn’t be possible without YOUR support (THANK YOU!) and our Publishers from PNH Marketing, Lindsey & Amie! Love our Power Team!



So head on over to BODYpeacebook.com to purchase your $14.95 BODYpeace book! Orders should arrive 3rd week of October. This journey has truly been filled with many #IWILLWHATIWANT moments & we can’t wait to continue this journey.

Chat soon & be true to you!

xo Kasey