My Weekly Training Videos – (10/6-10/12)

October 12, 2014 -
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Happy weekend, all! Thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday morning with some Yoga to give the bod a bit of a rest from an awesome week of training. This morning I really focused on my mind, thoughts, breathing, & just letting my body do it’s thing without trying to hold every pose perfectly. Just to let yourself BE is hard sometimes because we are competitive with ourselves, but taking childs pose on a Sunday morning was exactly what I needed.



The instructor played an awesome song in the background that just kept repeating, “Sometimes all you can do it just keep breathing.”  In life and in so many cases – that is the truth. Even if you’re not dealing with something, just taking time to tune in to yourself is so important while remembering what you can be grateful for.

I totally appreciate your feedback from asking you all what you’d like to see more of! I know videos are the way I want to shift some of my focus so I decided to film some workouts this week. My training looked something like this:

Monday: Mobility & Taught Spin Class

Tuesday: Back Focus

Wednesday: Leg Focus (Squats + Bodyweight)

Thursday: Shoulder, Chest, & Upper body Focus + Taught Spin Class

Friday: Morning Bootcamp Class with Interval Training

Saturday: Deadlift day! (Hamstring Focus as well).

Sunday: Yoga + Rest

Now, before I move on, I want to be clear that this is what works for me & my schedule. Not everyone has to do the same split. I like to also through in mini wod’s like a few rounds of burpees, jumping rope, etc. throughout the week when it feels good. I don’t “over-do” any type of fitness. I like to challenge myself with heavier weights but also do bodyweight movements & training to always have a strong foundation. I like to think of things last minute or I plan them out on a Sunday. I also include some type of mobility work every day as well as foam rolling & trigger point therapy with tennis balls to focus on the recovery portion as well.

Every week my schedule truly changes so keeping my training consistent is how I function best. It’s my “me” time and I truly love it. Find what YOU love.

For example, you never know who you will inspire just by being you.

During my deadlifts on Saturday:


Super nice member at the gym, “I’ve got ask you – what are you training for?”

Me: “life! But really, I’m a personal trainer & coach and I always want to be able to keep up with my clients/athletes & motivate them.”

Super nice member: “well, you’re definitely motivating me today with your hard work that I see. You’re killing it. keep it up”.

Moments like that can truly make your day, especially when you think no one is watching. 

Here are some clips from this week as well as some tips I speak throughout!

If you try one of these out or they motivate you – let me know! :]

Enjoy your day & be true to you,

xo Kasey



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  1. KASEY! Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I was just going to message you over FB actually and ask you if you’d share your weekly workouts! I’ve been loving my lower body training sessions, but need to do something about my upper body training. I’m never really “IN” to those workouts lately. Thank you so so much for sharing this and I am looking forward to MORE 🙂 <3

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