Looking for a way to engage & strengthen your core? THIS is the move!

July 9, 2014 -
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Hey friends! How’s your Wednesday going?

Today I got to get in a great workout in between coaching & clients. Finished off with 100 Over-head walking lunges! Looking for a way to engage & strengthen your core? THIS is the move!

I even matched my weight belt to my outfit, because on Wednesday’s we wear pink, right? I did 5 rounds of 20 to break it up.


  • Make sure to drive through with your heel of your front foot.
  • Keep your shoulders “active” by engaging them up to steady the weight above you.
  • Don’t jump right into holding a 50lb bar over your head – work with a 5 or 10lb plate first, get the feeling, & then progress from there.
  • Make sure to keep your core engaged the whole time! The weight above your head really challenges you to stay steady.
  • Great way to work on core & whole body strength.

Today I wanted to rewind time a bit & finish recapping the big 2-5 birthday weekend. It turned out to be quite an active one with kayaking with mamacakes & then biking! My brother had this bike at a friends place for like, 10 years, so we went & picked it up, cleaned if off, pumped up the tires, & it was good to go!


Funny side note to this day: we had originally mapped out a course we want to drive to (about an hour away) and had all intentions of traveling…when the time came around in the afternoon to get ready to go – my mom looked at me and said, what if we went to the local park & then got our favorite pizza after? SOLD! We biked about 9.5 miles and it felt great.

Are you into biking?

Honestly it’s something I’m loving more & more lately after the months I’ve been teaching spin classes now. Really gave me a new love for a sport!


Post workout be true to you check-in & some cold Kill Cliff really hit the spot. You know what else really hits the spot on a Saturday afternoon? Fresh pizza! But first, we tried a new app of Grilled Cauliflower with quinoa in Kale all in coconut oil. DELISH.


Then our favorite – pizza with mozzarella, feta, tomatoes, & fresh fresh basil. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve included gluten back into my eats in moderation and it seems to be going great, honestly! I truly think we have to listen to our own bodies & do what works for our own digestion.


But back to my favorite smell, seriously, you sit next to basil plants.


Best. Smell. Ever.


The next morning I felt great & couldn’t wait to get out to my driveway to work on some deadlifts! Abby obviously wanted to join me.


And yes, I did say go to my driveway to get a workout in with a barbell – something I am so stoked to be saying.

Did I mention that my birthday came a few days early this year? I think I was still in shock whenever the moving truck pulled up to my house to unload my very own Impex-Fitness barbell & bumper plates. HELLLOOO more activities!! Who wants to come over for a session? But really. The line will be coming soon in the Fall!


Right when I got it (about a week ago), I dug in, opening every single box, warmed up a bit more, & then got to a workout. Oh it’s things like this that make me stoked. I am so thankful for the awesome team & GLOW Retreat (have you reserved your spot yet?!) sponsors at Harbinger Fitness, Human X Gear, & Impex-Fitness for making this possible. Not only do I get to kick butt in my own driveway – but my clients do to! Winking smile


Mid-workout, my awesome neighbor swung by to drop off some extra fruit salad she had made. Talk about perfect timing? I munched on it in between sets with my VEGA Energizer.


Post workout was a Chocolate Cherry Shake made with VEGA Chocolate Protein Powder, Frozen Cherry packets (I found at Whole Foods), liquid egg whites (I use this for the liquid), banana, & some nutrex-hawaii spirulina.

Later on we had family & friends over to celebrate mine & my Nan’s birthday! Our family has like 3 birthday’s right in a row.


Mamacakes & Papacakes worked together on this super simple dish! Black rice (could use any type of cooked rice) with tomatoes, fresh corn, & shrimp all tossed in Bragg’s Vinaigrette dressing. Great for a summer get together!


Posted this one to Instagram because my friends are just so creative Winking smile Veggie tray & American Flag brought to you by my girls Kait & Jackie.


Dessert also consisted of angle food cake – something I had been craving to go along with fresh berries & whipped cream.

WOO! Talk about a weekend full of good friends, family, food, fitness, & fun! Thankful for all of the love & good vibes over the weekend.

Off to get some #BODYpeace work done before a phone conference so this lady is out!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey


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