GLOW Retreat 2015 Recap [Day Two]! Fear, Fitness, Food, and Friendships.

August 13, 2015 -
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Happy Wednesday friends! Today is recap #2 of the 2015 Glow Retreat!

A lot of this weekend we chatted about meditation and how important it is to really find what works for you. I am all for finding that quiet time and creating more of a meditation practice, but I also feel like for me, meditation happens when I train.

My way of “tuning in” for the morning was to go down to the gym & lift things up & put them down. There is just something about tuning out the world and tuning into yourself in the gym that centers me for my day or in my day.


After my early morning lift, I refueled with GNC Pureedge vegan protein which is delicious & was given to all of our awesome attendees!


GNC really took care of us this weekend and sent tons of product for our ladies like the all natural BCAA‘s, Energy mix, Multi-Vitamin Ultra Green Pak For Women, protein bars, & also the protein powders. These are all from their PUREEDGE line and I highly recommend checking them out!


The GLOW Retreat Saturday morning started off with breakfast (of course!) thanks to MammaChia Granola (10g of protein per serving) and So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt.


We also had Crazy Richards Peanut Butter Plus packs & fruit to add into their parfait bowls.


After breakfast was time for Heather’s opening workshop which went perfect with our Aspen Yoga Mats for a seat.


She talked about Digging Deeper & Flying Higher which is such an amazing concept. The women really opened up and talked about ways they wanted to work on this area of their lives.


Heather starts every workshop with a mediation and holding of intention. We had inner peace Lotus Wei spray as well as Sage & Sea Candles to really set the vibes.IMG_0379I highly recommend these candles! They were UNREAL and so calming. Use code “GLOW2015” for 10% off your order [here]!


After Heather’s workshop, it was time to get some sweat flowin thanks to our friends at Harbinger Fitness & HumanX gear that provided us with all of the equipment to make it possible!


We did a circuit workout with stations including Balancing Discs, AbX Mats, Resistance Tubes, & Jump Stretch Ropes for jump roping and then stretching at the end for the cool down.


Check out the bottom of this page here to see some of the moves we did with our ropes.


You can use code “Powercakes20” for 20% off your Harbinger or HumanX order!


After our active warm up, we moved right into the circuits. Check out the Harbinger Instagram to see footage of our workout!!

IMG_0231Then we finished with partner tube rotations which are GREAT for the core!



Then moved into leg drops with the bands. Again, great way to engage the core & have stability from the bands.

IMG_0213How adorable is Kaiti in this picture?!  


Then it was time for using the jump stretch rope for a cool down where we did a series of stretching.


ALWAYS gotta bring it in for a group chant to end the workout and this one was special because it was “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSON!” Like I mentioned before, we celebrated 3 birthdays over the weekend!

After the workout – time to REFUEL the bod.


MammaChia made it easy with their squeeze packs and Health Warrior shipped us some of their protein bars. Dark chocolate coconut sea salt….hiyo!


Kill Cliff was a perfect drink after training for recovery and then we moved into tons of Hope Hummus for some eats!



Heather then took over with an awesome workshop where we got to reflect on fear and things that hold us back. It was amazing to see how so many of us truly let fear get in between us and our goals.


Heather is so talented with her gift of truly healing others and this workshop moved mountains for us. We then ended the day perfectly with some restorative yoga thanks to the instructor, Shelley!


Instead of a power vinyassa flow, we focused on holding certain poses to truly let the stretch sink in. It was a great way to end the 2nd day.

Later on we definitely made our way to Mexican food which was on our to do list for Saturday!


This is what you get when the guy taking your picture says “say cameltoe!!”


Some margaritas were drank and guacamole was eaten as we reflected on day 2.


These women are unreal & once day 2 was over, I knew that day 3 could ONLY bring that much more positive & supportive energy.

A huge thanks to our sponsors for helping to make this weekend so special! Day 3 recap is up tomorrow :]


Be true to you,

xo Kasey


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